New Beer Blog Brooklyn Brewery Insulated Dark Lager


In this beer blog, we are going to get into another beer from Brooklyn Brewery.  It is their new winter seasonal.  It is their Insulated Dark Lager.  If you read my earlier beer blog posts on their beers, you know the history of this east coast craft brewery.  If you have not, please, read them to get to know this New York City base craft brewery.  Let us get into this dark lager.

It has a black color with a light tan constant color head. The smell has a chocolate notes. The taste has a smooth slight chocolate notes. The aftertaste is a nice crisp dry finish. It is a drinkable beer.

Here is a description from their website (

Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager is your protection against biting wind and soggy weather. German Munich, roasted Carafa, and Pilsner malts create a nimble, racy body, while a helping of American black barley adds just a hint of roast coffee. A light dry hopping of American and German hops pitter-patters across the nose and dives into the dry, warming finish. Try it with dark breads, hearty meats, and sturdy cheddars. If you still feel the chill, just add another layer and enjoy your insulation.

Style: Dark Lager
Malts: German Munich, Carafa, Pilsner, American black barley
Hops: Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Amarillo, Centennial
Yeast: Our House Lager Yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 5.6%
Original Gravity: 13.5° Plato
Food Pairings: Dark breads, hearty meats, game, wild fowl, barbecue, and sturdy cheddars.
Availability: November- March

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @brooklynbrewery

Closing, I was pretty disappointed when I thought they stop making their Winter Ale.  I saw this and thought that I would try it out.  I respected everything that Brooklyn Brewery has done in their career.  I do not know what they were thinking releasing this out to the market.  This has to be one of their worse beers that they make.  There is too much of water notes. I loved their scotch ale, which was called Winter Ale.  I am going to hunt down their Winter Ale.  It is so much better.  Please, Brooklyn stop making this beer.  This is my thought pattern.  I know there will be people out there that will love this beer.  You can do better.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Instagram:  @djweiser13

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