New Beer Blog Dark Horse Brewing 4 Elf Winter Warmer Ale


In this winter beer blog, we are going to sample out a winter brew from Dark Horse Brewing.  I am talking about their 4 Elf Winter Warmer Ale.  If you have read my review on one of their brewpub beers, you know the history of this western Michigan Craft brewery.  If you have not, please, read beer blog posts to get to know this brewery.  Let us get into the beer.

It has a dark brown to black color with a head on this winter ale.  The smell has a heavy cinnamon notes.  The taste is a malty, cinnamon, and nutmeg notes.  The aftertaste is a warm cinnamon notes.  It is pretty drinkable beer.

Here is a description from their website (

A spiced Winter Warmer brewed with nutmeg, clove, allspice and other holidayflavors.

ABV: 9.0%

Availability:  Released to ALL markets in September

Package: Cases / 4 pack of Good ol’ Bottles

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @DarkHorseBrewCo

In the end of the winter season, Dark Horse Brewing was the only Michigan brewery that I had a chance to get in the Chicago market that I could get.  I love their beers.  I have to say Dark Horse Brewing has out did themselves with this brew.  I love the warmth of the species that this beer kicks off.  It is pretty balance and does not drink like 9% brew.  I picked up hints of cinnamon and they do not list it on their site.  I highly recommend this awesome winter seasonal.  Go get some!  Drink it! Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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