New Unknown Music Thursday Blog Three Wolf Moon Self Titled


In this New Unknown Music Thursday Blog, we are going to get into a new and upcoming band known as Three Wolf Moon.  This is their first record which is called “Masters.”  This record was just released this month of August in 2013.  Here is a little bio from their website (

Three Wolf Moon is the psychedelic-folk-rock imagining of friends Adam Grant, John Sayer, Tyler Maynard, Max Grant and Evan… Joel. Three Wolf Moon is emotive and transcendent, eerily transitioning from sparse song-writing to ambient fullness, added by masterful keys and the robust sound of two drummers.

The haunting sound of Three Wolf Moon is sure to have its audience howling.

This band was former around the late part of 2011 in the western part of Canada.  They worked on this record the whole year of 2012.  There is not much information on this band.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:


I love the keyboard to organ playing at the beginning of the song.  There is nice calming acoustic guitar over the organ playing with singer coming in over the top.  His singer reminds of singer from Counting Crows to Black Crows.  There is some 1960’s and 1990’s influence in this band.  I am not fan of all the reverb but I can live with it.  I love the drum beat with the dancing bass in the background.  This band is like taking elements from The Doors and Black Crows and mixing it.  It is a really nice mix.  There is a nice guitar break to a short solo towards the back half of the song.  It has a nice groove and pace to the song.  I am enjoying the time changes.  This is a nice jamming song.  I love how this song is ending with the fade out.


I love the piano playing at the beginning with the calming drums and bass playing.  The guitar is perfect support element to the song.  It is crazy since knowing the name of the song.  I can picture a dog running in the park in a warm summer day.  I love his singer’s singing.  It fits where this band is going with their music.  There is some pretty solid lyrics on this song.    The blending of the guitar and piano is the key to the success of this song.    I love drumming and the bass playing on this song.  I am not a fan of Jam bands but I am really digging this band.  I love the organ that is being put forth on this song.

Joe Walsh

This next song is name after one of my band members from The Eagles and The James Gang.  I love the overdrive guitars at the beginning and the hard-hitting drums.  There is some nice organ and bass playing at the beginning.  I love the music and the pace.  I love the guitar break a quarter into the song that turns into a nice solo with some nice effects on the guitar.  There is some nice drumming on this song.  I love the guitar, bass, and drums paces towards the middle of the song.  The organ is kind of not fitting in the song now.  It just rebound from it almost death on this song.  The singing and well placed back up singing is awesome.  There is some nice lyrics on this song.  This song kind of reminds me of early Deep Purple like Mark III and late Black Sabbath with Ozzy like their last two records before Ozzy was fired.

In Bad Dreams

I love the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song.  The organ, bass, and drumming comes in shortly after the guitar.  The singer with a ton of reverb comes after that build up.  I love the lyrics.  I am not a fan so much with his singing.  I love guitar break and back into the main riff.  I love the guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  This song has a nice pace to it.  Nice snare drum roll into a nice guitar break and solo.  I love the ending to the song.

Water Wine

I love the guitar, drums, and bass playing at the beginning of the song.  I love the bass playing quarter into the song.  There is also some nice guitar playing in this song.  The drums are solid that becomes a nice support device.  I love the singing and the lyrics.  I love the time change towards the middle of the song.  I just feel this singer does too much screaming then singing.  The guitar playing with the piano towards the end of the song is solid.  The two drummers adds to the nice sound on this song and the band.

The Worst

I love the beginning of the song.  I love the acoustic guitar and the nice drums and bass playing.  I love the movement of the bass playing on this song.  The singer on this song reminds me of a little Neil Young.  There is some solid lyrics on this song.  This is pretty solid song.  There is some nice back up vocals towards the middle of the song.  I love the slight time change towards the back half of the song.    There is a nice guitar break during this time frame.

Words Can’t Explain

I love the guitar playing at the beginning of the song.  There is a nice organ playing in the background with some great drum beats.  I love the singing with the reberb.  This makes senses for the song.  I love the build up into the main part of the song.  This song will slap you in the face if you are not paying attention.  It will then just run away and hide while watching you in the distance.  I love the pace of this song.  I love the music at the middle.  It seems like the song is about to end but it teases you as a music listener.  I love the organ and guitar playing after that period of the song.  The drums and bass playing starts to build it back up.  There is a nice guitar break at this point of the song that goes into kind of guitar solo.

Night Walk

There is some nice acoustic guitar with some nice drumming and bass playing.  The singer is singing and he is singing very well.  He kind of reminds me a little Radiohead.  I am really not a fan of the pace of this song for being the last song off this record.  I do love the organ playing towards the middle of the song.   The song kind of picks up towards the end.  The singing is pretty strong towards the end of the song.  The song might be too slow to end the record but the singing echoes the story behind the name of the band.

Line Up:

Adam Grant – Vocals and Guitars
Tyler Maynard – Keys and Synth
Evan Joel – Bass
Max Grant – Drums
John Sayer – Drums and Percussion

Here is the band’s website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @Three_Wolf_Moon

Ending,  I was not expecting this type of music.  I have to say I am pretty impressed with the music they have written for their first record.  This music brings back the Jam bands of the 1960’s and 1990’s.  To me, they sound like something between The Doors, Black Crows, and Counting Crows.  It is a nice break from the hard rock and metal that I normally listen to and review on this blog.  Maybe the northwest part of Canada has the future sound of music.  This will be interesting where this band goes in the future.  I enjoyed it and I recommend you checking this band out.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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