New Music Monday Blog Skid Row United World Rebellion Chapter One

In this New Music Monday Blog, we are going to get into the new music and the EP from Skid Row.  The EP is called United World Rebellion Chapter One.  We are going to get into history of this once 1980’s Pop Metal and into this great EP music.  Let us get into the history.


Skid Row was founded by Rachel Bolan, who is the bass player, and Dave “The Snake” Sabo, who is the lead guitar player, in a town of New Jersey in 1986.  Rachel and Dave filled out the rest of the band with Scotti Hill, who is the second guitar player, Rob Affuso, who is the drummer, and lead singer Sebastian Bach, who replaced Mark Fallon.  Jon Bon Jovi was good friends with Dave Sabo and each promise each other if one made it big to help the other person out.  Bon Jovi’s management sought out Skid Row and sign them to a management deal while the band signs a deal with Atlantic Records in 1988.  In 1988, the band return the studio to record their first record.  Jon Bon Jovi asked Gary Moore, who was part of Irish Blues band called Skid Row, if you would sell the name to American Skid Row for $35,000 US Dollar.  Gary Moore agreed to sell the rights to the name but the rest of his former band mates still dispute these events.  Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora signed Skid Row to a punishing deal which would become an issue when the band became successful.  The band toured and opened up with Bon Jovi.  Skid Row released their self titled record in 1989.  It was success with hit songs like “I Remember You,” “Youth Gone Wild,” and “18 And Life.”  The record went five times platinum.  The band went back into the studio in 1990 to record their second record which is called “Slave To The Grind.”  It was released in 1992 and it went number one in the first week of sale.  It produced hits like “Monkey Business,”  and “Wasted Time.”  The band went on a world tour with mostly Guns N’ Roses.  Before the band started working on their third record, they recorded EP called “B-Sides Ourselves” in 1992.  The band started recording their third record in 1994 with Bob Rock, who replaced Michael Wagenger at producer.  “Subhuman Race” was released in 1995.  It produced some hits but it was not as successful as their last two records.  Sebastian Bach was fired by the band in late 1996.  There was a fight between Bach and Balon about opening up for Kiss.  The band never really broke up but they did play under another band name called Ozone Monday with Shawn Mars.  Rob Affuso left the band and was replaced with Charlie Mills.  The band performed under the name Ozone Monday from 1998 to 1999 around the world.  In 1999, the band went back with the name Skid Row and hired new lead singer, who is Johnny Solinger.  Charlie Mills left the band and was replaced by former drummer of Saison Kick, who is Phil Varone.  The band released their fourth record, which was called “Thickskin” with Phil Varone  on drums and Johnny Solinger on vocals.  This record was the first record in eight years.  Dave Gara came a board to play drums in 2004.  “Revolutions per Minute” was their fifth record and it was released in 2006.  The band did several tours around the world and on the water as a cruise.  In 2010, Dave Gara left the band and was replaced by Rob Hammersmith on drums.  In 2011, rumors started to fly that Bach was returning to the band as the lead singer.  Dave Sabo put all those rumors to a stop after Bach started it on “That Metal Show.”  In 2013, the band signed a record dead with Megaforce Records.  They put out this EP, which is called “United World Rebellion Chapter One.”  This band has put out five studio records, two EP, one live record, and one greatest hits.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:

Kings Of Demolition

I love the heavy guitars and bass in your face at the beginning.  Johnny singing is strong and solid.  I love the main riff with some nice playing from the rhythm selection of the band.  I love the melody from the singer.  There is some solid lyrics on this opening track.  This is a really good singing with some great music and well written lyrics.  There is an awesome guitar solo towards the end of the song.  There is a normal Skid Row ending to the song.

Lets Go

Just like the opening track, “Lets Go” starts out the same way but a little bit slower.  However, it has a nice pace with some solid lyrics, I love Johnny’s singing better than Bach’s vocals.  I believe Bach’s vocals would not fit on the music Skid Row is putting together on their last three records.  There is some nice lyrics.  There is an awesome and well place guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  This song you can hear the punk influence in the band.  Another awesome ending to a song.

This Is Killing Me

I love the touch of the acoustic guitar with a slight overdrive guitar over the top with a short guitar solo.  Johnny is singing with passion and feeling along with some great lyrics.  I love the pace of this song.  The drums and bass are calming but perfect for the song.  I love the well placed keyboards in the background.  They put some nice lays of the music here.  In the middle of the song, I can hear a nice dancing bass line in the background.  There is a nice guitar break towards the back half of the song that turns into a nice short guitar solo.  I kind of feel that one was forced.

Get Up

I love how the guitar starts out with bass and drums being the forces point at the beginning.  The drums and bass are forced in the main part of the song.  I love the touch of the guitars.  I love the singing from Johnny and the lyrics he is signing.  I love the pace and the way place back up vocals.  I love the change of pace towards the middle of the song.  It goes right back to the main riff.  I love the guitar solo ending the song.


I love the fade in guitar work with some nice drums and killer bassline.  This music is pretty sick in a good way.  Johnny comes in with a nice punk like singing.  This song is in your face but in a nice way.  I am not a fan of the lyrics but they will have to grow on me.  The music is making this song right now.  This is a perfect ending to this EP.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @OfficialSkidRow

In the end, Skid Row has been a band has been on my radar.  They were a band that was at the end of the 1980’s metal scene.  I believe to this day they do not get the credit they should for their music.  Was their first record like all the bands of their time?  Yeah, their records after that shows more than just your normal 1980’s metal bands.  Yes, they are part of that era and they cannot block that out of their career.  I have to say Skid Row has come a long way from their self titled record.  Even with Bach, the band did get heavier and I felt they push themselves away from their peers.  This band has re-establish itself in the hard rock and metal world.  Skid Row was awesome in the 1980’s and early 1990’s but I feel this is the real Skid Row.  Skid Row is back and better than ever.  I cannot wait to see what the next chapter.  I highly recommend you checking this band out.  Let me know what you think of it.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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