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In this music blog, we are going to listen to the latest album from Fozzy and it is called Sin And Bones.  Fozzy was founded in 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The band started out as a cover band, which their first two records were covers of classic hard rock and metal sings.  Fozzy has five studio albums out with one live record to their short career.  Lead singer and one founding member of this band is Chris Jericho, who is former WWE Superstar.  He grew up in Canada listening to the classic hard rock and metal music and wanted to do a career in music.  However, he had a love for wrestling, now he is doing both and is extremely successful.  The other founding member of Fozzy is Rich Ward which is best known to be in the band from the late 1980’s called Stuck Mojo.  Let us get into the music.

Spider In My Mouth

The song starts out with sound effects and samples.  There is a little keyboard action to build up the start of the song and this record.  A little kid starts singing.  This song has a nice solid in your face music from the guitar and drums.  Chris is singing really well which he has been growing into a really good singer.  He is improving throughout his recording career.  I love the lyrics.  I love the chorus in this song.  Nice touch from the drums towards the end of the song to put on the double bass.  Great ending and great opening track to this record.


Sandpaper is the first single from Sin And Bones.  This song starts out like an old Jackyl song.  It kind of has a feeling of a Jackyl song.  I could see Jackyl doing a cover of this song or even write it.  Lead singer M Shadows from Average Sevenfold is being featured in this song.  I love the music.  It fits the lyrics and solid bass playing on this song.  Nice finish to the song.

Here is the video from YouTube (

Blood Happens

Blood Happens has some nice drumming and solid guitar playing.  Chris comes in with extremely great singing with great lyrics.  There is a whole lot going on in this song.  Rich plays a nice short guitar solo.  There is some strong playing from the guitar, drums, and bass throughout this song.  This is a great song and it is one of my favorite songs so far on this record.  There is some great back up vocals on the song.  Great finish to the song.

Inside My Head

I am loving the drums and the guitar work at the beginning of  Inside My Head.  Chris is pushing his singing to the next level.  If I was classic hard rock or metal band looking for a lead singer, I would give Chris a call.  I am also loving the lyrics.  Chris has grown into a pretty good lyric writer.  This is a pretty solid song.  Here is another song I am loving off this record.  Nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.  Great ending to the song.

Sin And Bones

I love the fast pace on the title track of this record.  It has great singing, drums, bass and guitar work.  This is a nice driving song.  Chris has written some nice lyrics once again.  So far this is a great follow-up from their last great record.  I am loving the guitar break towards the middle of the song.  This song was quick and to the point.  Sin and Bones lives up to being the title for the record.  It also has a great ending.

A Passed Life

I am loving how they have put more focus on the drummer.  The drums and the guitar are having a nice love affair at the beginning of this song.  I am also loving how they are not just making fast songs.  Fozzy is putting a nice mix between fast and slow pace songs.  I am loving how Chris is singing on this song.  There are some great lyrics here.  There is also some great music writing throughout this song.  I love the pick up in the pace towards the middle of the song.  There is a sick guitar riff at that point.  I am really enjoying this song.  This is a what metal music is all about in this song.  This brings all the elements that made me love hard rock and metal.  There is also a great guitar solo towards the end of the song.  Great finish to this song.

She’s My Addiction

I am loving the guitar work from the guitar players.  I am loving the simple and to the point bass.  There is a nice drum work and great pace to the song.   I am loving the music and lyrics that Fozzy has put forth.  This song gets to the point to the point.  This is a great tune.  There is a great guitar solo.  Just like Sandpaper, I could see this song in Jackyl’s song list.  Great ending to this song and nice touch on the outro guitar solo.

Shine Forever

Shine Forever has some nice heavy as hell guitar riffs.  I am loving the drumming with the bass filling over the top.  There is some great lyrics with a powerful meaning.  Chris once again is singing his heart out on this song.  Fozzy did a great job on this song.  I can see this song being an underground hit.  I am loving the ending of this song.

Dark Passenger

Dark Passenger starts out with a nice keyboard playing.  Chris is hitting it on vocals with nice well place drums.  I love the guitar riff on the main part of the song.  I love how they keep using the keyboards which gives this band another element.  It changes their sound that they have developed.  I am loving the building up to the guitar solo. It is a very well written guitar solo.  There is a great ending to this song.

Storm The Beaches

Storm The Beaches is the longest song on the record.  There is spoken works with more keyboards.  There is some powerful guitar riff and drums with bass backing up.  I am loving the meaning and theme of the song but the lyrics are little weak at this point.  It is powerful talking about D-Day and honoring the troops.  I cannot complain about this one song.  Fozzy has written an awesome set of songs for Sin And Bones.  There is a great guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  Fozzy has put forth an epic song to close out this great record.  I am also loving the gun firing samples in the song.  The lyrics are better towards the midpoint and the end of the song.  I love the end of this song.

Here is current line up of Fozzy:

  • Chris Jericho – Lead Vocals
  • Rich Ward – Guitar, Back Up Vocals
  • Paul Di Leo – Bass
  • Frank Fontsere – Drums
  • Billy Grey – Guitar

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @fozzyrock

In the end, I really enjoyed this record.  If you know me personally, you know I have been a huge fan of Chris Jericho in the ring and his music career.  I know most of you know I am a huge metal fan.  I feel this band is pushing their career forward.  It is hard to believe the music that this band is putting out since this band was set up as a joke when they first came out.  Fozzy is a band you need to keep an eye on from here on.  Their last record, which was called Chasing The Grail, was a solid record from start to finish but the follow-up Sin and Bones is taking this band to the next level.  I am hoping this band keeps on the pace they are going on right now.  I highly recommend this band if you are a hard rock and metal fan.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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