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In this beer blog, we are going to check out the second of seven beers from New Glarus Brewing Company.  The beer is their flagship beer called Spotted Cow.  If you read my blog yesterday on their Fat Squirrel Ale, you know a little bit about this brewery.  If you have not, please go back and read the first part of that blog post.  Let us get into beer.

It has a hazel straw color with a constant white head on the beer.  There is a little smell but I cannot pick up what is in it. The taste is a creamy sweet with a very slight hop carbonation aftertaste. It is extremely drinkable.  I could drink this beer all day.

Here is a description from beer bottle and their website (

Cask conditioned ale has been the popular choice among brews since long before prohibition.  We continue this pioneer spirit with our Wisconsin farmhouse ale.  Brewed with flaked barley and the finest Wisconsin malts.  We even give a nod to our farmers with a little hint of corn.

Naturally cloudy we allow the yeast to remain in the bottle to enhance fullness of flavors, which cannot be duplicated otherwise. Expect this ale to be fun, fruity and satisfying. You know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.

Expect this ale to be fun, fruity and satisfying.  You know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.  Vielen Dank!  Daniel & Deborah Carey

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @newglarusbeer

In closing, I had this beer while I was up in Milwaukee visiting a few brewpubs and my friend gave me a few bottles when he went up there too.  While I was up in Milwaukee, I did take note of all the Cream Ales from all the Wisconsin Breweries.  I had one brewery tell me it is to get the mass-produced beer drinkers to come and try their beers.  This does make so much sense but I cannot think of many St Louis Breweries making Cream Ales.  New Glarus called their Spotted Cow a Farmhouse.  To me, this is a Cream Ale and I am not going against this brewery or any brewery on the beer styles.  They will know better than the drinkers.  This beer is one of the best ones I had in this beer styles but I have not had too many Cream Ales in my life time.  I did really enjoyed this beer and I would recommend this beer to you.  Let me know what you think of it when you try it.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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