New Blog Milwaukee Brewing Outboard Cream Ale

In this blog, we are going to try yet another brew from the Milwaukee Brewing.  We are going to touch one of many summer seasonals from them.  It is called Outboard Cream Ale.  If you read all my blogs on this brewery, you know a little bit of this brewery.  Let us get into this brewery.

It has a nice bright clear yellow color with no head on the beer. There is a smell but I just do not know what it is right now.  It kind smells like a pilsner. The taste is very smooth and creamy lager like but not as hoppy like a pilsner.  This beer style is not a classic style. It was created by Germans that came to the states trying to create their beers here but came up with new beer styles. It is very refreshing and drinkable.

Here is a descriation from their webiste (


Cream Ales are true American styled brews. Mimicking European light lagers, the Cream Ale is brewed utilizing the top fermenting Ale yeast resulting in a more complex flavor and nose. Cream ales traditionally are brewed with a blend of malted barley and corn grits for a light body and golden straw color. A very slight hop presence helps round out this simple but refreshing beer.


The terms “Outboard” and “Evinrude” have become synonomis. The first practical Outboard motor was invented by Ole Evinrude in 1909 as a way to give your arms a break from rowing that boat! It’s said that Ole and his girlfriend Bess were enjoying their day on Okauchee Lake on a hot summer day when she asked for some ice cream. Ole rowed to shore and by the time he had gotten back the ice cream had melted.

Always facinated by motors, Ole was self taught. He spent 5 years hopping from job to job learning about steel, manufacturing and engineering. He came back to Milwaukee and set up shop. Eventually he employed 300 people.

Cheers to Ole, and the way he changed the way we use water today!


After a long day of post digging, the Outboard is what I reach for.

The simplicity of this classic American style has only a handful of ingredients. The few ingredients we use leave little room for error, although the recipe is straight forward, mistakes will be very noticeable. We use a high quality pilsner malt and a clean citrus smell during the boil. The ale fermentation for this brew leans on the cool side just to cut back on ester production.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @mkebrewco

In closing, I really did not like this beer.  It is a summer seasonal and what I have been saying in most of my blog post.  I am not a fan of Summer Seasonals.  Milwaukee Brewing Company Outboard Cream Ale is a very drinkable beer.  I believe what turns me off about this brew it is the light in body.  I believe to me it does not have enough flavor to it.  Asides that, I am a huge fan of this brewery and this is the first time I do not like one of their beers.  Just because I do not like this beer.  It does not mean you will not like it. Please, go try this beer and reach your own judgement on this Cream Ale.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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