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In this blog, we are going back out to California to try three beers from Fireman’s Brew Company.  Their website has a good story on their beer and their history.  After that, we will get into the first beer called Fireman’s Brew Blonde Beer Pilsner Beer.

Here is their history from their website (

A True Story

In December 2000, Rob and Ed were sitting on a steep hillside of an extinguishing brushfire above the Glendale Mountains. They were staring into the midnight sky, dreaming of the cool smooth taste of a fresh beer to quench their scorched dry mouths. From this point, these two Los Angeles based firemen set out to brew the best Fireman’s Brew in the world.

The result was Fireman’s Brew, the perfect choice to “Extinguish Your Thirst” & “Ignite the Party”! In a brief moment in time, the two men gave birth to a vision that they are living out today. Their thirst for beer and coffee after that exhausting day launched them into developing a hero’s brand of products that every American could relate to. With every product sold, Fireman’s Brew donates a portion of its profits to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmitsburg, Maryland. So whether your beverage of choice is beer, coffee, or root beer, sit back and relax with the smooth taste of a fresh Fireman’s Brew!

This beer has a bright golden clear color with no head. You can read a newspaper through the beer. The smell of the beer has fresh air smell or no smell to it.  The taste of this beer is a sweet carbonation with a weird hop aftertaste. It is very hard to explain what I am experiencing. The aftertaste to me makes this beer and then the sweet carbonation taste.  The overall big selling point is the drinkablity of this beer.

Here is a description from their website (

Our original golden lager is the lightest of our beers.  Smooth, light malt flavors combined with just enough hops for balance deliver a crisp and refreshing beer with a clean finish and no bitter aftertaste.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter: @firemansbrew

In closing on the first of three, just what I said in my earlier blog, I am really starting to enjoy American Craft Beer Pilsner. Fireman’s Brew Blonde stays true to the German pilsner style. It is very drinkable and refreshing beer. This beer is in my top five German pilsner style.  This is a very good beer and I love the fact they still give back to their firefighters brothers.  This is not just a brewery.  You will need to check out their website.  Go get some!  Drink it! Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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