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While in DC for Savor, this beer is one of my favorite beers from Brooklyn Brewery, which is Sorachi Ace Ale.  I know for a fact that Kevin that was next to me when I order this beer is really looking forward to reading this blog.  I will not bore you with the history of this brewery since I already did it in my earlier blog called Brooklyn Brown Ale.  Let us get into the beer that I had in DC in a soulful restaurant.

This is really bright yellow in color.  There is really no smell to this beer maybe a slight circus to it. The taste of the beer is very sweet carbonation in it. This beer is very hard to describe it. It has a nice aftertaste to the beer and it keeps coming after you are done drinking the beer in a good way.  This beer is very drinkable for being in a 750ml bottle. However, I had this beer on draught this time around, it is worth the money in the bottle and draught.

Here is a description from their website (

Most Brooklyn beers are made with a blend of hop varietals. As a chef does with spices, we look to get the best qualities of each hop and create a harmony of flavors and aromas. However, a few years ago, our brewmaster ran into a hop unique enough to deserve its own moment in the sun. A large Japanese brewery first developed the hop variety “Sorachi Ace” in 1988. A cross between the British “Brewer’s Gold” and the Czech “Saaz” varieties, it exhibited a quality that was unexpected – it smelled really lemony.

The unique flavor of Sorachi Ace was bypassed by the big brewers, but we thought it was pretty cool. So we made a special beer with it, and added the beer to our Brewmaster’s Reserve special draft beer program last year. Most Brewmaster’s Reserve beers are only available for a short time, and then they’re gone. But we liked this one so much, we decided to bring it back and give it the star treatment. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a classic saison, a cracklingly dry, hoppy unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, but made entirely with now-rare Sorachi Ace hops grown by a single farm in Washington. We ferment it with our special Belgian ale strain, and then add more Sorachi Ace hops post-fermentation. After the dry-hopping, the beer emerges with a bright spicy lemongrass / lemon zest aroma backed by a wonderfully clean malt flavor.

It tastes like sunshine in a glass, and that suits us just fine, especially with seafood dishes and fresh cheeses. It’s just the thing on nice summer days and beyond.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @brooklynbrewery

Out of beer, the hop makes this beer what it is in the glass.  Brooklyn Brewery has a solid beer lineup and Sorachi Ace pushes them close to the top of all the craft breweries around the country.  This is a very well made beer and drinkable.  I am never really a fan of Belgian and Belgian style beers but I have really grown to love this style.  Sorachi Ace is one of my favorite beer from this style.  Get it before it is gone!  Drink it! Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser


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