New Blog Uinta Hyve Honey Ale

Uinta Brewery has been brewing beers from Salt Lake City, Utah since 1993.  They brew a wide range of different beers, however, in this blog, we are going to dig into their Organic Line and try their Spring Seasonal, which is Hyve Honey Ale.  Before we get into the beer let us see what the brewery says what this beer is.  This came directly from their website, which is


This medium-bodied golden ale is brewed with local wildflower honey.

Tasting Notes

Full-flavored beer. Rich. Robust. Bittersweet beginning. Quickly mellows, leaving the palate with a subtle hint of honey. Hive pairs well with cedar-plank salmon, and, if you have a sweet tooth, baklava.

This beer pours as a golden honey color with bit of or no head. There is no smell to a small bit of honey hints. There is no taste or honey taste. There is a nice smooth honey finish for the aftertaste.  To be honest, I can’t taste any honey.  There is no sweet or any action going on my pallet.  To me, this is a very light body beer and I know this beer is a perfect for drinking all day on a hot spring or summer day.

Here is how you can get more information on this brewery:


Twitter: @uintabrewing

In the end, I am not a fan of this beer but there is a market for it.  There will be others out there that will fall in love this beer.  In the last few years, there has been a huge growth of organic beers hitting the market and Uinta has been winning awards for their beers.  Hyve won 2011 Silver Medal at World Beer Championships. Please do not take my review to heart, you, the drinker, need to get out there and try this beer that also goes for all my blogs about anything.  I am not the holy word in the beer, metal, and sports word.  I am just an idiot that has a thought on everything in the world behind a computer.  Go find this beer and let me know what you think.  Enjoy it! Drink it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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