Milwaukee Breweing Company Pull Chain

Welcome back to another craft beer blog by myself Bill DJ Weiser.  We are going to talk about The Pull Chain from this great from WI.  It is their American Pale Ale.  First before I get started I wanted to give you the information on how to get hold of this brewery.

Website is

Twitter is @MKEbrewco

I will be posting more on this brewery.  I am looking at making a trip up to the Brewery in May.  That depends on my motorcycle since I was in a crash today.  I am fine need not to worry about this metal head.  Well anyways let’s get into this beer.

This is a American Pale Ale that is what it is on the neck of the bottle.  I will say they are not lying about it.  It is a well balanced West Coast Pale Ale.  It is copper in looks.  Nice hop finish.  It is a pretty straight front Pale Ale.  It is not over bitter like most West Coast Pale Ale.

I really like this Pale Ale and I believe you should go out and look for this beer.  Drink it and enjoy it!


Bill DJ Weiser

twitter @djweiser


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