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New Monday Music Blog Left Setter Irene

In this Monday Music Blog, we are going back to 2009 where a local Chicago Hard Rock band, who is Left Setter, puts out a record called Irene.  I decided to go back and listen to this record to write a review because I heard they reunited for a few shows in Chicagoland area this summer of 2013.  There is very little information on the history of this band.  I will have to get with the band to get the history of it.  This is their third release from Left Setter.  Let us get into the music.

Refuse To Care

This song starts out like a 1990’s hard rock music.  It also has a little baby bedtime music theme.  There is a nice simple guitar and off beat bass line.  There is some nice drumming also in this song.  This song sounds like something that Stone Temple Pilots would do in their career.  I do not know about that heavy breathing in the later part of the song.  George has some nice guitar work towards the middle of the song.

Last Days With You

There is some nice heavy guitar work at the beginning and then simmer down.  There is some nice bass and drum work on this song.  It has a nice support to the guitar and vocals.  I like the lyrics on this song.  This song is in your face but you do not realize it until you get to the later parts of this song.  I am loving the bass work towards end of the song with the guitar over the top of it.  Nice touch on the ending.

Good Mourning America

I love the guitar work at the beginning.  I can hear the Beatles influence in this song and a touch of Stone Temple Pilots again.  I wonder if this is what the Beatles would have sounded like in modern-day.  The lyrics and musics has Beatles sound of their heyday or the 1960’s Classic Rock bands.  This song is short and gets to the point.  I like the ending of this song.

March Into The City

March Into The City starts out with a nice bassline and a perfect guitar riff.  It is not over the top like most guitar players normally do in their songs with the bassist.  I love the simple drum beat.  I am also loving the effects on the vocals.  I am loving the build up of this song.  I love the lyrics.  I am loving the endings of the last few songs.

Bobby Deniro

Boddy Deniro has a little punk feel to the song.  It is fast pace and with nice music.  I am not a real fan of the back up vocals on this song.  I just feel it is forced and it is not natural to the song.  George has some nice guitar work from clean to dirty effects on his guitar.  Nick is singing extremely well on this song.


Collide has some piano work on this song with a nice guitar work over the top of it.  I am love the drums and bass work on this song.  It makes this song powerful.  I am loving the lyrics and singing from Nick.  The back up vocals are perfect on this song.  The piano gives this band another element in a positive light.  George has a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Thief Without A Conscience

I love the beginning of this song.  It has a little Red Hot Chili Peppers feel to it at the beginning.  I love the drums, bass, and guitar work to set the stage to this song.  I love the lyrics.  Nick kind of sounds like Don Dokken off Shadowlife.  This is a deep and well thought up song.  Left Setter put some thought when they wrote this song.

Women And Children First

Women And Children First starts out like an AC/DC song.  It goes to the main riff like something in your face.  I love the theme and the lyrics of this song.  The music is very well written.  I love the drumming and the bass work.  The backbone of the band is playing their ass off on this song.  It has a nice ending to the song.

Drowning Muse

The last song on this record starts off like something you would heard from Beatles or Pink Floyd in early part of their career.  This song more I think about it reminds me Dazed Or Confused from Led Zeppelin or Planet Cavern from Black Sabbath.   Nick wrote a nice melody and lyrics on this song.  I love the pick up towards the end of the song.  I am loving the drumming.  It comes back down to where it was before.  This is a thinking man’s song.  I am loving the ending with Nick just singing it out.

Here is the line up off Irene:

  • Nick Langis – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
  • George Langis – Guitars, Vocals, Piano
  • Sean Keenehan – Drums, Vocals, Percussion
  • Turan Yon – Bass Guitar

Here is their website and twitter addresses:

Website:  www.leftsetter.com

Twitter:  no twitter account

Where to buy their records?

Their Website:  www.leftsetter.com

CD Baby:  www.cdbaby.com

Closing, I love this record and Left Setter did a great job on all of their songs.  You can hear their influences through out this record.  Neil Young move over Left Setter has taken your spot for today’s youth.  They had some thoughts of time on our government and this is what music is for and the art of it.  The songs that are my favorites are  March Into The City, Last Days With You, and Collide.  If you live in the Chicago area, you need to check out this band during this summer.  If you do not live in Chicago and is a fan of great music, you need to check them out.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser

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