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New Sports Thought Thursday Blog Good Bye Coach Babcock! Welcome Jeff Blashill!

In this Sports Thought Thursday Blog, we are going to do a follow-up to a blog post that I wrote a few weeks ago.  I am talking about end of era in Detroit.  I just want to thank Mike Babcock for his years in Detroit.  It was a great run for a great coach.  I wish him the best of luck in Toronto.  Let us get into this new coach.

Closing, We all saw this coming as soon as Mike said he was going to the Maple Leafs.  The Red Wings have already invested in Jeff Blashill.  Last year, Red Wings gave Jeff a huge contract to keep him with the Grand Rapids.  I believe it made him highest paid minor league head coach. There was several teams asking about him to coach their teams.  The Red Wings said no to every team.  It will never come out until everyone is retired but I believe that the Red Wings did not want Mike back.  They wanted to bring up Jeff to take over this young team.  The young players on this team were raised by Jeff.  I believe this is a good move for the Red Wings.  I believe we will start to see free agents finally come back to Detroit.  We have a really good young team and the future is pretty bright.  I cannot wait for next season.  I just want to wish Jeff Blashill and the Detroit Red Wings the best of luck!   I love the move and the new theories and voice.


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