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In this music blog, we are going to check out one of my favorite underground metal band called Riot.  The last record from this great band out of Brooklyn, New York is called Immortal Soul, which is their fourteen studio album.  Riot was formed in 1975 by the late great guitarist Mark Reale.  They reach their peak a little bit in the early 1980’s but had a long successful career.  The band went through so many line up changes but yet had a different sound in each of the eras which makes this band unique.  Riot had fourteen studio albums, three live albums, one greatest hits, and one ep album that was only released in Japan.  Let us get into the music.


Mark wrote a nice in your face guitar riff in this song.  It is a pretty fast pace song.  It has the classic sound from Thundersteel along with great singing.  Mark also wrote a nice guitar solo, which he has been known for throughout the years.  It is a well written song and great song opening song for this record.

Still Your Man

Still Your Man has a nice guitar and bass riffs throughout the song.  There are hard-hitting and in your face drums.  The singing is nice and fits the music along with great lyrics.  This song finishes nicely.   Nice job on this song!


Crawling has a nice start to the song and I love how they did it.  There is a nice heavy guitars with a great short solo at the beginning of the song.  The singer has a nice vocal melody and great lyrics.  I love the feeling and the sound of this song.  There is a nice simple guitar solo towards the end of the song along with a great finish to it.

Wings Are For Angels

This song has a nice fast pace drums with a simple guitar riff to fill into the song.  I believe his singing and voice does not fit with the music.  I love the music.  They did an excite job on it.  The drummer is playing his ass off on this song.  There is an awesome guitar solo and it has to be one of the best ones on this record.  Wings Are For Angels has a nice ending with drums and guitar.

Fall Before Me

Fall Before Me has nice guitar and drum work along with a nice touch with the acoustic guitar.  The music in this song is a great fit for this singer.   He wrote some great lyrics.  This song sounds like a rock anthems form the late 1970’s.  I love it.

Sins Of The Father

Sins of the Father has a nice guitar at the beginning with drums.  Tony Moore is singing very nice here with some great lyrics.  So far this song is my favorite song on this record.  I love the fact with all the line up changes they stayed true to their sound that they have created throughout the years.


This is an intro song for the next song.  It has great guitar riff that fits in the old 1980’s metal pop sound.

Immoral Soul

Majestica runs into a nice drums with guitar work in Immoral Soul.  There is also a great bassline.  Tony has written some great lyrics and is singing his ass off in this song.  Mark of course wrote a great guitar solo.  The band did a great job on the ending of this song.


Insanity starts out with the singer and then the guitars enter with the drums and bass.  In this song, everything is floating around the singer, which is change of pace from the rest of the songs on this record.  This is a great song.  This song is showing the finest work from Mark’s guitar work.  Nice touch on the fading ending it fits the mood of the song.

Whiskey Man

Whiskey Man has a nice guitar intro.  I love the lyrics but some parts of this song his vocals really does not fit with the music.  The lyrics are sneak up in your face along with the singing.  This is not greatest guitar solo but it fits in the song and music.  Most bands get it.  Not all songs need guitar solos or drum fills.  Sometimes the most simple thing is the right thing.


Believe starts out with a nice angry guitar intro with the drums and bass.  This is a well written song all the way around.  Riot did a great job on this song.  I love the time changes and the great finish to the song.


Echoes has great guitar work from high to low.  There is a nice flow with the lead vocals and nice touch on the back up vocals.  This is my favorite song on this record along with Sins Of The  Father.  This song was a the perfect song to finish up a record and a great career.  It is so sad because this band should have been bigger then what they were in the world of music.

Roit line up on this record:

  • Tony Moore – Lead Vocals
  • Mark Reale – Guitar
  • Mike Flyntz – Guitar
  • Don Van Stavern – Bass
  • Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  no twitter account

In closing, I really enjoyed this record and all their records throughout their career.  When I discovered this great band, I had to pick up all their records.  It is sad to see this be their last record but at least I have this great music to listen to rest of my days on this earth.  I love how they stayed true to their 1970’s sound but yet pulled off their slight thrash metal days in the 1980’s.  My two favorite songs on this record is Sins Of The Father and Echoes.  I wish I would have seen this band play live along with several other bands. I did not get a chance to see them live.  Go check this record out and let me know what you think.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser