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New Unknown Music Thursday Blog The Ongoing Concept Saloon

In this Unknown Music Thursday Blog, we are  going to get into an up and coming artist, which is The Ongoing Concept.  Saloon is their first record and only studio recording from this young band.  There is not much history on this band.  They are signed to one of the biggest record labels, which is Solid State, in metalcore.  Let us get into this record.

Song List:

Let’s Deal The Cards Again

There is some nice saloon sounds like back in the wild west times.  There are people talking in the bar.  It is a nice intro song for this record.


The music is in your face and heavy.  The piano is like wild west time sound.  The singer is screaming and does get into some clear vocals.  I love the bend of different types of music.  This is a pretty good opening track for their first record.   Ongoing Concept has written some nice lyrics and music.  I love the ending of the song.

You Are The One

I love the singing and the beat at the beginning.  The singing is like old church singing.  I love the music and the singing.  There is some nice lyrics on this song.  This is a pretty good record so far into track number three.  I love the guitar playing on “You Are The One.”  I love the drumming towards the end of the song with some awesome singing.  They put some thought behind this song.

Cover Girl

I love the drumming and the singing.  It is just right into the main part of the song.  It is straight up in your face.  I love the guitar, drumming, and bass playing.  The singing is very good with some well written lyrics.  They wrote some nice music.  I love how they used the banjo on “Cover Girl” during the main part of the song.  It is not over the top and annoying but it is used just right.  I love the singing towards the end of the song.  It reminds me of the beginning of Van Halen’s “Ice Cream Man.”  I love how they put the focus on the banjo at the end.

Little Situation

I love the acoustic at the beginning with some nice clean vocals.  I love the beat of this song.  There is some well written lyrics on this song too.  This song is pretty heavy just like the first few songs.  It is a nice break and change pace on this record.  I love how they let the bass player loose on this song.  The guitar and drumming are spot on and well written.  There is some nice guitar work towards the middle of the song.  I love how they came back to the acoustic guitar towards the end of the song.  I love the build up in the last-minute of the song to end the song.

Sunday’s Revival

I love the classic hard rock sound on the guitar.  There is a nice drum beat with a nice simple bass playing.  I am not really a fan of the singing and the lyrics.  I love the music.  It reminds of something from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.  This is not my favorite song on this record it is still pretty good.  It has a pretty good ending.


I love the singing and piano playing at the beginning of “Sidelines.”  This song sounds like something in the mainstream music today.  There is some well written lyrics and music.  I really enjoyed listening to this song.  He is pouring out his soul into this song.  The mid part is where the rest of the band comes into play.  I love drumming and bass playing.  I am not a fan of the ending.

Failures And Fakes

I love the touch on the organ at the beginning and throughout the song.  I love the music with some nice lyrics.  I love the singing on this song.  I love the melody on the singer.  I love how he goes from clean to distorted singing.  There is some nice guitar playing towards the end of this song.  I love the build up to an awesome ending to the song.

Like Autumn

I love the piano but do not like the main part of the music.  This song is pretty bad.  It just seems this singer is just screaming.  The bad 8-bit video game music during the main part of “Like Autumn.”  I can not make out the lyrics.  I do not like the back up singing.  This is the worse song on this record by far and I cannot finish this song.

Class Of Twenty-Ten

This song is just like the last song.  It just seems the deeper I get into this record.  It keeps getting worse and worse.  These last two songs are filler songs to complete this record.  I cannot finish this song like the last.

Goodbye, So Long My Love

Oh, I love the music at the beginning of this song.  I love the singing from the lead and the back up vocals.  There is some nice lyrics and they put some thought behind it.  At beginning, it seems like something you would hear in the mainstream music.  The song went off the deep end and just gone bad at the midpoint of the song.  This song had some much promise.  The screaming over that awesome music just kills me.  The middle part of the song there is some nice piano and singing.  She has a very beautiful voice.  This song has rebound.  It was a nice ending to the song and the record.

Band Line Up:

  • Dawson Scholz- Guitar, Vocals
  • Kyle Scholz- Vocals, Keyboards
  • Parker Scholz- Drums
  • TJ Nichols- Bass

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @ongoingconcept

In the end, this is extremely talented band and I believe they could do better tan this record. This is a nice start. I came across this band and listen to samples of some of their songs.  I loved how they used different types of music.  I also love how they use different elements to give their sound a nice twisted.  The beginning of this record was pretty good.  I have to say the back half was a little rough.  The one thing that is a plus for this record is the lengths of all the song.  They are just right.  I love the pace and speed of the songs.  It has a nice balance.   I am not much into Christian rock but I love the metal on this record and this band.  I will check out their next record.  I recommend any metal head to give this record a listen.  I bet you will be shocked at how good it is.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser