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In this Unknown Music Thursday Blog, we are going to get into a band from Vancouver, Canada.  La Chinga released their debut self-titled record.  The sound of the band is a throw back to the 1970’s classic hard rock.  They mixed some blues, folk, and rock.  They have elements from the pioneers of that era like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and MC5 to name a few bands.  There is not much information on this new band.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:

Early Grave

“Early Grave” starts out with a driving classic hard rock guitar riff.  I love the singing.  It reminds me of Deep Purple like Mark III to IV area with David Coverdale fronting the band with Glen Hughs.  La Chinga has brought the 1970’s back through their music and lyrics.  There is some nice lyrics and music.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the middle part of the song.  I love the drumming and bass work on this song.  There is a strong backbone in this music and band.  This is a great opening track.

Snake Eyes

The second song pretty much has the same start and sound like the opening track.  I love the grove of this song and the feeling from the singing.  Drummer is pound the hell out of his kit and gives a nice strong sound to the song.  I love the lyrics and the music so far on this song.  There is some nice guitar work towards the middle of the song that turns into a nice guitar solo.  I love the build up to the end of the song.

The Wheel

I love the grove of the start of this song.  There is some nice bass work on the song at the beginning.  I love the pace and in the packet of this song.  “The Wheel” sounds like something that early Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, or Deep Purple would have written.  The singer fits what this band is doing.  His voice is perfect for this music and the lyrics that he has written for it.


I love the drumming at the beginning.  It sound very Led Zeppelin sounding.  The guitar sounds like a bright Black Sabbath sounding.  There is some nice lyrics on this song.  The drummer is so far making this record along with his partner in crime the bassist.  I will say the rhythm selection of this band makes this band a solid one.  This makes the guitar player and singer sound better without even trying and their job easier.  There is a nice solid guitar solo towards the middle.

Loose My Mind

“Loose My Mind” has some nice trip out music at the beginning.  The guitar playing is off the charts along with some solid drumming and bass playing.  I love the lyrics but I do not like the singing on this song at the beginning of the song.  In the later part of the song, it kind of gets a little better.  I love the ending of this song.

Boogie Children

The beginning of this song sounds like a 1970’s porn music.  I am sorry.  I can not really take this song that serious.  There is some solid bass playing and drumming in the background.  It has a nice build up.  After the 1970’s porn music, there is some great music.  I love the bass playing on this song.  I am not really a fan of the lyrics.

Country Mile

I love the beginning of “Country Mile.”  It has a southern rock music sound to it.  I really love the singer singing and the lyrics.  I love the pace and grove to the song.  There is a nice well placed guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  I love the pick up on the song after the guitar solo.  It just feel right to the theme of the song and goes right back to the main the riff.  Nice touch!

La Chinga

The name of the band the title of this record has a nice pace to it.  I love the bass and drum playing on this song.  This is a straight ahead in your face song.  I love the guitar solo towards the middle of this song.  I just feel like it should be a little faster but it is still a pretty good solo.  It is one of his longest one on this record so far.  I love the ending with the music and the lead singer screaming.


“Freedom” has a nice pace to it.  I love the lyrics and the guitar work on this song.  I just feel like the drumming is a little too strong and hard for this song.  There is a nice driving pace to this song.  La Chinga did a great job on the music.  This is one of their best songs off this record.  I love the ending to the song.


I love the guitar work at the beginning of the song.  The drums and bass echo a nice guitar riff for the main part of the song.  This band has found the fountain of all the driving songs.  There is some nice lyrics and singer sounds great.    I love the guitar work towards the end of the song.  This is great end to a great record from a good up and coming band.

Line Up:

Carl Spackler: Bass and Vocals

Ben Yardley: Guitars and Vocals

Jason Solyom: Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:

Website: and

Twitter:  @chinga_la

In closing, this band has brought everything that was good about the 1970’s hard rock all in their first record to the public.  They did not do a lazy job on it.  They pulled elements from the classic 1970’s bands from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, MC5, etc.  The drummer and bass player are the story on this record.  They made this record from good to great.  This band has a solid backbone with a very talented guitar player.  There is no holes in their games or swing.  This band reminds me of ZZ Top and Rush.  I am not saying they sound like either band but all their players are solid and talented.  There is not weak link on this band.  This band gives fans of the classic rock a nice wrap of some great 1970’s music.  I highly recommend this band’s music if you love 1970’s hard rock or some great rock music.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser