Red Dead Online Why I Believe There Is Still Hope For A New RDR DLC Coming Next Year!

In this blog, I will be break down why I believe Rockstar is not done with Res Dead Online. I want to say thank Rockstar for all contents between all their games. I want to say that I am happy for GTA players for getting an update in July. I am not a leaker or work for Rockstar. This is my ideas and thoughts. It took me about a week to calm down and re read a few things. Please, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything to me. If you want to talk I will leave my information below. Let’s get into this.

Started With This Post on GTA Forums

I want to thank Tez and Videotech for all their work in Rockstar Community.  Credit to both of them. This photo they are talking about how Rockstar Editor for Red Dead is “cancelled or halted.”  This was a day after their big Newswire on both games.  This post made me re-read the Newswire.


Words can mean many things and depends how they are used in sentences.  It also depends on the readers and authors reaction and uses them to communicate to each other.   Now let us break down how Rockstar communicate to us in their last newswire on the future of both games.

Rockstar Own Words

I will post a link of the Newswire at the end of this blog post. I want to say this again. This is my reaction to it. I will say at first like everyone. I was upset and believe my favorite game is gone. After looking back at everything, I have found HOPE. I know many of you will believe that I have false hope. Some of you known me for years. I have been right more than I am wrong predicting what Rockstar is doing. Here is my argument that we will get a new DLC early next year or some time.

Firstly, with both new and experienced players engaging in the wealth of activities already added to this massively rich world including Specialist Roles, story-based cooperative missions, competitive Showdown Modes, and much more, we will continue to showcase these unique additions through Red Dead Online’s monthly events as we move forward, so players of all levels can enjoy everything the vast frontier has to offer.

If Rockstar was leaving Red Dead, why put resources towards. They are still doing Monthly Events for all their players. I know it is only Monthly Events but it is still time to have staff to plan for these events etc. They are not same for last eight to nine months. Trust me I do not agree after four years there is wealth of activities. Also, story based missions are not done. I cannot recall a video game companies not finishing a story in their game. Correct me if I am wrong.

Alongside seasonal special events and experience improvements — plus other changes to enhance and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment — we plan to build upon existing modes and add new Telegram Missions this year, rather than delivering major themed content updates like in previous years, and we will continue to highlight and share the creative efforts of our Red Dead community at every opportunity via the Newswire and beyond.

The big thing that I want to point out is this is one whole sentence. All words are working together. They are going to add Telegram Missions this year. They will not delivery no Major themed content updates like previous years. Keep in mind, “this year, is still attached to that idea. I just feel why put out last of these missions. The words “This Year” is telling us they are coming back next year to do major theme updates. I believe Rockstar finally communicate to us. Here we shit on them. You say right here they did not say updates in the future. I will get to that shortly. Plus, they will still do the holiday modes like they did in the past.

This direct feedback from players has been instrumental to the ongoing success of both GTA Online and Red Dead Online — and an integral element of what helps us continue to evolve and improve as we push ahead towards the future.

I know know it says GTA Online in this sentence. But it says we have help them evolve and improve as we push ahead towards the future. So if Red Dead is done why put them in this sentence. This is their words. Last point and idea there is hope.

Over the past few years, we have been steadily moving more development resources towards the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series — understanding more than ever the need to exceed players’ expectations and for this next entry to be the best it can possibly be — and as a result, we are in the process of making some changes to how we support Red Dead Online.

This is almost start of the Red Dead selection of the Newswire. Note they have pulled resources from Red Dead to work on GTA 6. It had been a few years. Few to some of us can be two to four. So the first photo that they will go back to Red Dead after GTA 6 is done. This is telling me that GTA 6 is almost done.

Future of Red Dead

In the end, this is a very Hot Take. GTA 6 will be released next year. I also believe GTA 6 story will be smaller than GTA 5 story. I would not be shocked if story is all online and it is not finish when release. Rockstar might finish the story through DLCs. Red Dead will get an update next year. In meantime, there are some great games out there. If I was you, go play them. Let us hope it is not too late for this great game. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

Twitch: djweiser16

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