Iron Sheik The Sheik Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a review on my ongoing Documentary Review Series.  Next doc that I will be reviewing is Iron Sheik The Sheik.  This is sports and entertainment doc about a legendary wrestler from the early days of WWF. Let’s get started.


This documentary came out in 2014. It is about an hour and half long. If you are not a wrestling fan, this documentary does a very good job explaining and telling who the Sheik’s backstory and where he is today. This documentary does move at a slow pace that is the only issue that I had with it.  It did not hold anything back from his career. However, you see one wrestling documentary, you have seen them all.  I do recommend checking it out if you like docs or is a wrestling fan. 

In the end, I wanted to check out from all the true crime documentaries that I have been reviewing.  I believe that I have done that with this review.  I am going to get into a music documentary that was just released on HBO. I believe.  It is the Tina Turner documentary.  Not a fan but respect what she did in music.  Until next time, play hard and party on!   \m/


DJ Weiser


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