Mafia 3 Review

In this blog, we are going to review the latest chapter in the Mafia Series. I hope you enjoy my review. Let’s get started.

This is best one in the series. I know many will say part two. I feel that the depth of the story makes it the best. The three add on DLCs makes the main story flow a lot better. This is a pretty big hot take. Mafia 3 is so much better than Grand Theft Auto V. I know many will disagree. This is why. The story is more realize and take on many historic facts and events of the late 1960s. I love the game play engine in Mafia 3 over GTA V. Yes, I know GTA V is based in the now. Do we do not have to have those silly missions with aliens etc. It also goes for online side. That is where GTA turns me off. Now GTA has the online side that Mafia 3 does not. This is my thoughts. I know more than 75% will disagree with me.

In closing, as you know there is two different endings. If you do not know, now you do. Also, this series has always brought back lead character. I am curious to see how they will use Lincoln Clay in the next chapter. Rumors are pointing at Las Vegas but they are rumors until publisher says otherwise. I really enjoyed this game and I highly recommend you checking it out. If you like my post and/or blog, please, give me a follow on here, email, or Twitter. I am now streaming on Twitch. I am featuring Car Mechanic, Red Dead, GTA, etc. Come out and see me also give me a follow there if you like it. Thank you always for the support. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


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