Night Stalker Documentary Review

In this blog, we are going to get into the next documentary review. The next documentary that we are going to get into is Night Stalker How to Caught a Series Killer. Let’s get into it.


Writers did a good job telling this disturbing story. They did a great job on the backstory on everything and climate of the cities and time. He was a new brand of a series killer. He was attacking kids, seniors to women. It did not matter for this guy. He had the city beyond stressed out and many thought some murders were random. Some to this day believe he killed more than what he was charged. I laughed pretty hard on how they arrested him. It just seemed pretty silly. This is one disturbing and sick individual.

Closing, I really enjoyed this documentary. I would love to listen to his interview tapes. I heard they are just like Ted Bundy ones. I highly recommend watching this documentary. It is on Netflix. They have been doing a good job their documentary. I am not sure what will be my next one. Maybe, Tiger Woods or I might drive and finish up the Staircase. Thank you for coming by and the support. If you like this post or need a guide, please, give me a follow through WordPress, Twitter, or email. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


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