Bounty Hunter Part 2 Expansion DLC Red Dead Online

In this blog, we are going to dig into the first expansion to a role on Red Dead Online. The Bounty Hunter is the first role to get new content, levels, etc. Let’s get started.

Getting Start

You will need to go to any bounty board throughout the world to buy the new license. It will run you 15 Gold Bars. I do not understand why you have to buy into this role again but we live in Rockstar’s world. It is what it is. This expansion will give you a few new things that will get into this post.

New Legendary Bounties

These are the same as the original Legendary Bounties. There is really nothing new but new bounties and Cutscenes. Here are the new ones listed below:

  • Gene “Beau” Finley
  • Carmela ‘La Muñeca’ Montez
  • “Shepherd” Virgil Edwards

Infamous Bounties

  • Annesburg – Tobin Anderson’s Wreckers
  • Armadillo – The Butchers of Benedict Pass
  • Benedict Point – “Los Pasajeros”
  • Blackwater – Thaddeus Walter’s Men
  • Emerald Station – The Three Widows
  • Rodhes – The Bellingham brothers
  • Riggs Station – Bartholomew Brown’s “Gentlemen”
  • Saint Denis – Hoare, Roache and Gault
  • Strawberry – the “Initiates”
  • Tumbleweed – Addison Wye’s “Jailbreakers”
  • Valentine – Allen, De La Mare and Fitch
  • Van Horn – Bradshaw, Colt and Penn
  • Wallace Station – Theodore Xavier’s Hunt

These are unique hard bounty hunter missions. They come with a story and this DLC gave us 39 new missions. They are locate throughout the map on the bounty boards. Once you complete one board, you will get a one time payout of $75.00. Plus, if you finish nine of different or the same one. You will unlock the badge that will give you a one time shot of 0.60 gold. These are fun missions with a nice chellenge. However, the missions might be different than the old hard ones, they are the same missions ovet and over.

New Equipment

There is not many new equipment with this DLC. There are three new Bolas but they are more expensive than the old ones. They work the same wat. Only reason, I would say buy them. You will have the ability to carry more than three Balos. You can carry up to twelve of them. Also, we get liveries for our bounty hunter wagon. They are very expensive so I would wait on them.

In the end, I really enjoyed this new DLC. I believe they did a great job with virus raging right now. I know many will argue with me about this statement. I understand where you are coming from with the Dailys. However, dailys are not on trail here, it is the content that this DLC brought us. The Dailys are a serpate issues. I will go over that in another post. I hope this guide and review helps you on the west. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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