Moonshiner Role Money Guide And Review Red Dead Online

In this blog, we are going to get into my favorite role in this game. It is Moonshiner Role. I am pretty excited to break this down for you. Let’s stop wasting time and get started.

Getting Started

So just like all roles, you have to go to a location to meet someone to buy into the role. This is an extension off the Trader Role and Cripps will help you. When at your camp lock box or post office, Cripps will send a letter. When you read it, a location will spawn in on your map that you will need to visit. When you get to that location, you will meet Maggie Fike in a cutscene. She will offer you to buy one of five locations on the map. This role will cost you 15 gold bars.


There are several locations around the map. They are:

  • Hennigan’s Stead
  • Tall Trees
  • The Heartlands
  • Grizzlies West
  • Bayou Nwa

My favorite location and I believe is the best one is in Saint Denis or swamp area of the map. I like it believe it is flat mostly and most other players leave you alone. I heard other like the Tall Trees one is also good. It depends where you want to be mainly on the map. There is not a bad location and they all have their plus and negatives.


There are a few missions that you will need to do before you start making shine. You will need to get the equipment and save your cook, who is Marcel. They are pretty easy and straightforward missions.

Story Missions

This is the only role right now that has story missions attached to the role. They can be a bit challenging but pretty fun with some nice cutscene. A little tip make sure you stock up on your amno when you start each mission.

Bootlegger Missions

These missions are like resupply missions from the trader. This is a good way to reduce your marsh cost. It can go from $50.00 down to $10.00. I would do one run to get down to $30.00 or $40.00. These missions you will either steal a wagon to a bar fight. I do enjoy the bar fights.

Moonshine Bar

These are not recommend. You can expand your bar with a band in it. There are three more themes that you can buy along with photos that you display behind the bar. These do not make you any money. There are Dailys for playing with band and dancing. There are a few more like service to players to changing the theme. Tip you do not need to change the theme. You can just change the photo and it comes for that daily. You will earn some gold from these dailys.

Sell Missions

Unless like Trader, you do not get the distant travel mission. You need to match a shine to what the customer is looking for at that time. You have three different moonshine options. It will go from weak to strong. You will make more money with strong and less with weak. Tip on saving your shine while delivering and it comes from @JoeD991. Aim your gun or guns while wagon is moving. The horses will automatically ride themself. If they get shot at, they might leave route. This will help you with corners.

Poison Poppy Moonshine Recipe

I did a post on where to find this recipe. Here is the link:

Poison Poppy Moonshine Recipes Location

In closing, this is by far my favorite role so far. You will make more money as a Moonshiner than a Trader in time ratio stand point. Both businesses will make you rich with cash. I believe you will be with me on this thought. You will enjoy going through this role like me. If you have questions, please, reach out to me. Thank you for support and coming by. I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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