Collector Role Money Guide And Review Red Dead Online

In this blog, we are driving into the last role from the original three roles. It is the Collector. Let’s get started.

Getting Started

You will need to find Madam Nazar in the world. She is hiding and she moves around each real life day. In my Dailies post, I tell you where she is located on the map day to day. Once you find her. You will unlock a cutscene. She will offer you to buy collector start up kit for 15 gold bars.

Collector Collections

Madam Nazar will ask you to collect anything from coins, flowers, tarot cards, fossils etc. You can sell them whenever but you get more money for complete sets.

Here are the collection available now online:

  • American Flowers
  • Coins
  • Arrowheads
  • Fossils
  • Tarot Cards
  • Lost Jewelry
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Antique Alcohol Bottles
  • Bird Eggs

Collector Equipment

I recommend buying the Shovel and Metal Detector when you can. This will help you with Coins, Arrowheads, Fossils etc collections. You will make your money back between the Dailys to sell complete sets. The rest of the equipment does not help you make money. I would hold off for right now. When you are set with a nice cash flow then buy them if you want them.


I like buying the maps and run it the way game wants you to run it. I am not one to tell anyone how to play the game. I know I am not making as much money as many. There is a website, which is Red Dead Map. This map goes through different cycles and shows where all the collectables are located. There are many that uses this map. I do not but I use this map for Madam Nazat Location everyday. He did a lot of work on this site. If you want to support him, there is links to his PayPal etc.

Madam Nazar Location

I would use the map above or come by and check out my Dailys post to find out where she is hiding for that day. She moves to a different location each day. It is pretty rare when she stays in the same location. This is where you will find all collector equipment, maps, mask (when available), etc that you can buy.

Closing, I am not a huge fan of this role. I do collect the collectables when I run into them. I normally let them come to me. I know many of my friends have made a ton of money off this role. I have made my money back. I am not saying this is a bad role. It is not exciting role to do in the game. I would make this one of the last roles to get along with Naturalist. I would get Naturalist before this role because Naturalist helps you with your trader. I will be doing Moonshiner role next and then expansion on the Bounty Hunter after that. Thank you for coming by and the support. I hope this help you. If you have questions, please, reach out. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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