Red Dead And Grand Theft Auto Online Dailys December 5th 2020

Huge shootout and Thank you brother to @thegametitan on Twitter for the new thumbnail. It will be part of my Monday and Friday posts. Go check out his YouTube channel, which is Gametitan. Great channel.

GTA Online

Complete a Contract Mission.

RDR Online

General (Any Level)

Animals killed with a knife – 5

Bonnie MacFarlane missions completed – 1

Burdock Roots picked – 5

Crafted a Tonic – 1

Fish caught – 10

Player kills with a bow in Free Roam Events – 3

Player stats boosted by tonics – 2

Roles (Max Levels)

Bounty targets down with Bolas – 2

Eagle Eye used to track a bounty target – 3

Living bounty targets in a photograph – 3

Camp Stews eaten – 3

Perfect carcasses donated to Cripps – 6

Resupply missions completed – 2

Antique Alcohol drunk – 1

Arrowheads found – 3

Lost Jewelry found – 3

Money made from moonshine sold – $200.00

Moonshine served to other players at a bar – 1

Moonshine sold with at least 18 bottles intact – 1

Desert animal samples taken – 3

Legendary Animal samples taken – 2

Mountain/Grassland animal samples taken – 3

Madam Nazar Location


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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