Bounty Hunter Money Guide And Review Red Dead Online Part One

In this blog, we are going to get into another role, which is Bounty Hunter, that came out with Collector and Trader. I have already did a guide and review on the Trader. If you need help, please, go check it out. Let’s get into this post.

Getting Started

So just like Trader, you will need to go somewhere and meet someone with a cutscene. You will need to meet a young bounty hunter lady in Rhodes. A cutscene will happen once you are close to the shelf’s office. She will talk to you after she cashed in her bounties. She will tell sheriff that you are looking to buy into a Bounty Hunters licenses. He will offer you to buy it. Just like trader, it will run you 15 gold bars. There is no setup. You will see bounty boards all over the map.

Bounty Boards

There are boards all around the map. You can find them at most train stations and Saint Denis Police Station. There are four types of bounties that you can do. It will go to easy ($) to hard ($$$) and there is legendary bounties. Legendary Bounties will start from easy (One Star) to top it off at hard (Five Star). Each comes with a short story and a short cutscene.

Legendary Bounties

Here is the list of each of the Legendary Bounties below:

  • Barbarella Alcazar
  • The Wolf Man
  • The Owlhoot Family
  • Sergio Vincenza
  • Cecil C. Tucker
  • Philip Carlier
  • Tobin Winfield
  • Etta Doyle
  • Red Ben Clempson
  • “Yukon” Nikoli Borodin

Bounty Wagon

This asset is pretty important if you are alone or with posse members and doing multiple bounties missions. It is pretty fast and turns pretty well for a wagon. You better not forget to buy the insurance for this wagon.

Bouny Hunter’s Equipment

I would buy the Reinforced Lasso right away. This will keep your bounties hogtied longer than the regular lasso. This is a must buy and highly recommend. Bolas, this can go either way. I would get them to help with your dailys and getting multiple bounties at one time. Bounties will not be tied down for long. I would keep that in mind when doing a mission. I would hogtied when you can. You do not have to switch to lasso just hit hogtied button. You will get your balo back. The tracking arrow is not a must buy. I only use them for a dailies.


This is a pretty action pack role. It does get boring over time because you will be doing the same missions over and over. This is a good way to earn gold outside of Dailys, Treasure Maps, and stranger missions. This is also the only role that earns you gold. I always tell beginning players to get this role first over the collector and trader.

Closing, I am a little behind on my reviews and I am sorry about this situation. There was another update and it is add on to this role. I am going to do two different posts to avoid confusion in this role. I highly recommend this role. When this was released, I was more excited for Trader role. I have to be honest. I did enjoy this role just as much as Trader. My next guide will be Collector. Thank you for coming by and support. I hope enjoy this post. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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