Trader Role Red Dead Review And Money Guide

In this blog, we are going to get into another role on Red Dead Online. It is the Trader role and this role is kind of linked with Naturalist. This was also the first of three roles to roll out to the game. Let’s get into it.

Getting Started

You will get a letter from Cripps. It will be in your lockbox or post office. It will make you go to the nearest town by your camp. There will be a cutscene and Cripps will offer you to buy into his business for 15 gold bars after it. If you accept, it will have you do a simple setup mission. Mine was taking a wagon back to Cripps.


First off, once you can buy it. I highly recommend getting the Hunting Wagon as soon as you can. You need to make sure you do all the upgrades which I believe are none. You need to buy the insurance. This will save you a ton of money if you run into griefer or you are just a bad driver. Nothing wrong with being a bad driver. You unlock the Hunting wagon at Role Rank 11.

Delivery wagons are another set of wagons. You will get the small one automatically. As soon as you can get the large delivery wagon. Buy it right away, however, you are force to buy thr medium wagon. I do not understand why Rockstar put this in the game. Same thing like the Hunting Wagon make sure to check upgrades and buy your insurance for it. You can unlock medium wagon at role rank six and large wagon role rank fourteen.

Cooking Pot (Rank 3)

This is another tool that I would invested into it. It has a few special Cripps but I would not mess with these unless it is a Daily. Some are worth it but superior is perfect. It takes three Big Game meat and it hits all your cores. Superior will fillful your badge requirements.

Goods To Sell And Sell Missions

When you bring Cripps carcasses or skins from any animal to a legendary animals. He produces pelts for you to sell. I recommend going up to the full 100% which is 100 goods and sell distant if you have friends to help. Red Dead Online is not as toxic as Grand Theft Auto. You could sell this solo and not be attacked. I cannot promise anything. It is a pretty simple sell missions. It could be a shootout or people chasing you down while you are delivering.

Legendary Animals (Naturalist Role)

I want to make sure you know that Legendary Animals came out during Naturalist update. I wanted to talk about it here because this is a valuable asset to you and Cripps as a Trader. Some of these legendary animals can fill up to half of your supply bar.

Here is a link to a map that us Red Dead Players:

Red Dead Map

I want to give credit to the author of this awesome map. It will show you what the value of trade in to Gus to Cripps of the Legendary Animals. It also will show you where Madam Nazar location etc. There is a PayPal account if you want to support the author of this map. I also want to give a shootout to one of my crew members, who is @AussieAzz82 (Twitter), pointing out where he found this information.

Resupply vs. Buying Supplies

I would NOT buy any supplies unless it is free from an event week. Even then, I would still not buy supplies. The resupply missions are simple. You can go to broken down wagon to get a bag or stealing a wagon. There was one resupply mission that you hunt an animal. There was a point in this game’s history that was no animals in any lobby. They have now fix that problem with the Naturalist update. If you get bags, you will recieved full supplies and five materials to make into sell able goods. However, if you have players in your posse, you will get up to fifteen to twenty materials and full supplies. It depends on the mission of course. If you get a wagon mission. It does not matter if you are solo or a few posse members. You will get fifteen to twenty materials and full supplies.

Closing, this is the first passive business to enter the online game. This also gave us one other thing that I believe is important to us. It is the weapon lockbox. If you are starting, you do not need to get it right away. As you grow your weapon load out. You will find yourself not using half of the weapons in the game. This gives you the chances to leave some guns in your lockbox. This is a pretty fun role and I was pretty excited when it was released. This is a pretty good money maker. If you have any questions, please, email or tweet at me. I will try to answer all your questions. I hope this helps and you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your support! Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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