Amy Winehouse Amy Documentary Review

In this blog, we are going get into my first review of a documentary series or movie. We are going to take. Look at Amy Winehouse Amy. I am going to get into About Amy and my thought of the movie. Let’s get into it.

About Amy

Amy Winehouse was borned in United Kingdom on September 14th, 1983 and died on July 23rd 2011. Yes, she is part of 27 Club. She was inspired by old Jazz music and soul girl groups in Motown era. She became a pretty well know Jazz Singer. She sold over 2.7 million copies of her records world wide. She had two records while she was alive. There was a third record that was released after her death.


This documentary is over two hours long and was released in 2015. I like how they did live footage of her raise to frame and then her death. I also like they did the interview over the footage then cutting to see someone in a room talking. They did not just interview other artist. They also talked to her ex’s, friends, family, and her management. The director did a very good job on this documentary. It is a tragic story. If she would have stayed with her original manger. She might still be with us.

Closing, I was in point of my life when she was raising up. I was not listening to new music. I did not know a lot about her. I knew of her name and her death. I am happy that I watched this movie. I will be picking up her music. I love Jazz and Blues because of the fact that I am a bass player. It is in my wheel house. Amy Winehouse could have been a legendary jazz singer. It is a sad story. She reminds me a lot of Jim Morrison. I am a huge Doors fan. I highly recommend watching this movie ever if you are not a music fan. I am not sure what will be my next documentary. I know that I am looking at “I will be gone in the Dark” or “Stair Case.” I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for coming by. Please, give me any feedback good or bad. I want this series to be successful and have you enjoy it. Until then, play hard and party on!! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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