Grand Theft Auto Online Nightclub Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into the ultimate business for a money grinder. I am talking about Nightclub. Let’s get into this post.

Location ($1,080,000.00 to $1,700,000.00)

It does not matter where you put your Nightclub on the map. I know many will say do not put it at the bottom of the map. This is 100% to sell solo. It is up to you on how much you want to drive and spend. If you want me to recommend two locations, I like the southeast part of Downtown and the Vinewood location that has a parking lot next to it. I mean outside of that any will due. You will not have to redo any of the start up missions.

Starting Setups And DJ Missions

All these missions are one time play. You can do all these missions in a Crew or Invite Only Lobbies. Setups are picking up speakers to staff. DJ missions are picking them up. Getting a car to pick one up to chasing down a plane going down or getting a backpack back.

Popularity Missions And Booting A DJ

If you keep your popularity up and full, you will get $10k for every 48 minutes, which is one game day. Your safe can only hold up to $70k. You will need empty it. Your popularity will go down and your payout will too. You will need to run a mission or book a DJ. Missions can be hanging posters, flying a bump that you play music, save a star from jail, etc. These are pretty fun missions but do not pay out very well. The other way to increase your popularity is to book DJ. It will cost you $10k. Book your DJ in basement floors to avoid a cutscene unless you enjoy it.


This is where you make your money and why you brought the Nightclub. Technicians will source from your businesses. If you do not own for example a bunker, your technician cannot source guns. You get the first technician for free through business setup mission. You can hire up to four more so you will have five total sourcing from your businesses. Here is the list of product that you can source:

Cargo And Shipments = CEO or Hanger Crates

Sporting Goods = Bunker Guns

South American Imports = Cocaine

Pharmaceutical Research = Meth

Cash Creation = Counterfeit Cash

Organic Produce = Weed

Printing & Copying = Forged Documents

Selling Missions

The max pay out is 1.6m with everything being full. This business can be sold solo. You can buy up to three delivery vehicles. The van comes with the business. You can also upgrade them like every vehicles in the game. I recommend buying the large delivery vehicle and upgrade it. You can sell a few different ways. I recomment getting stock value over $1m to give Tony his maximum cut at $100k and sell all stock at once. Tony will take 10% of the value sold. When you can make sure to max out your storage space, you will max out your pay out.


I am going to get into Terrorbyte that is located at bottom floor of your parking area in another post. I will also go over Avenger, MOC, and much more in that same post.

Closing, this is befar best business in the game. As long as, you own most to all businesses in the game. If you do not, buy the nightclub last. I highly recommend getting a Nightclub when you are ready. If I missed anything, please, call me out. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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