Naturist Role Red Dead Online Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into the lastest role in Red Dead Online. It is Naturalist Role. Let’s get into it.


You will need to head to Strawberry and go into the Welcome Center. There will be a cutscene where you will meet Gus Macmillan (Trapper) and Harriet Davenport (Naturalist). You buy field book (we will get into this later in this post) from Harriet for 25 gold bars at the end of the cutscene. That is all you will need to get started. Let’s get into Harriet role.

Naturalist Role (Harriet)

This is where you will sale samples, start up Poaching, and Legendary Animal missions. This is also where you can buy supplies for this role. I recommend buy the max of sedate bullets for Verile Rife. If you have the money, max out revived potion. This will help you speed the process of maxing this role. Stop buying potion when max out the role. She is located all around the map with magnificent glass. If you hunt, she will posion you and will not talk to you for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do not hunt in front of her, she will yell at you and posion you when you talk to her.

Trapper (Gus)

Gus is all over the map just like Harriet. He is in Saint Denis and Rhodes area. His logo is a paw print on the map. You cannot see his logo in downtown area of Saint Denis. He is next door to Fence Shop. It is hard to see his logo on thr map. He does not give you missions but you can sell animal parts. You will then unlock clothes, trinkets, etc. We will get into this later in this post. You can buy bullets for the new gun and arrows for your bow(s). I will get into these weapons in later post.

Field Book

This book has every animal asides fish and most birds all over the map. It has several different collection of animals. It is kind of like collector’s collections. If you take a blood sample and complete a set, you will earn $80.00 to over $100.00 for the comment sets. Legendary sets will earn you a lot more. You will also need to study, track, take a photo, and skin it. You do not need to do all of that. All you need to do is collect samples to keep the set. I do know when you sell an animal sample to Harriet. She will stamp it in your book.

Trapper Clothing, Trinkets

Every legendary animal has a clothing option. There are some that will not show until you sell their skin. You do not need to use Legendary Animal parts for some of these items. You can use Free Roam animal parts. As long as it has it meete the requires. I recommend doing this after you max out your Naturalist Role.

I highly recommend getting the the trinkets. They will help from hunting, herb picking, etc. The hunting trinket will increse the value across the board from Cripps to butcher. For example, flight feathers were 0.09. After it will increase to 0.15 to Cripps. I will be adding locations where to find the animal in a link in the closing.

Legendary Animals

There is several legendary animals. It is a mission like Legendary Bounty mission. It will take you in the area and a solo lobby. It will be a mssion meeting animal in the wild or taking out hunters, who are called Poachers. You have the choice of skinning or taking a blood samples. Animals can be something from Legendary Beaver to Ram or Wolf. I recommend donating it to your Trader (Cripps) as soon as you max role and get what clothes from the legendary animals.

Locations Of Trapper And Naturalist

In closing, I will be putting out maps on each of the Legendary Animals location in Free Roam. Harriet does not give you every Legendary Animal in her mission tab. I have to be honest. I am not a huge fan of this role. If it was not for Trapper, I would mark this as one of worse DLCs for Red Dead. This role is towards the bottom along with the collector role. I have been doing Moonshiner, Trader, and Bounty Hunter more. This is my thought pattern and I know many will disagree with me. Here is the link that I wad talking about. Give him some love he worked hard on this map. Map If I missed anything, please, let me know. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks again for all the support. Please, follow my blog if you like what I am doing here. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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