Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Online Dailys July 28th 2020

Happy Red Dead DLC Day!

GTA Online

Play a match of Tennis.

RDR Online

General (Any Level)

Dry goods eaten – 5

Finish a mode in Featured Series – 1

Player kills from cover in Showdowns – 3

Seagulls plucked – 2

Roles (Max Roles Levels)

Camp Stews eaten – 3

Distance Delivery Wagon traveled on Mission – 14838

Medium animal carcasses donated to Cripps – 7

Bounty hunt completed with 5 minutes or more left – 1

Bounty targets hogtied with a Reinforced Lasso – 3

Bounty targets taken down with Bolas – 2

American Wild Flowers found – 3

Arrowheads found – 3

Collectibles found with a Metal Detector – 2

Money made from moonshine sold – $200.00

Moonshine sold with at least 18 bottles intact – 1

Played with a band for 2 minutes – 2

Madam Nazar Location


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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