Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Online Dailys June 19th 2020

GTA Online

Participate in a Deathmatch

RDR Online


Creeping Thyme picked – 5

Defended a campsite – 1

Distance traveled by wagon with a Posse Member – 5280

Don’t reach high Hostility within one game day – 1

Items sold to a Fence – 3

Non player enemy hats shot off – 3

Owls plucked – 1


Donations to Cripps – 20

Medium animal carcasses donated to Cripps – 7

Resupply missions completed – 2

Bounties brought in from New Hanover posters – 2

Bounty targets taken down with Balos – 2

Eagle Eye used to track a bounty target – 3

Collectibles sold to Madam Nazar – 3

Collector Maps used – 3

Family Heirlooms found – 3

Moonshine Bootlegger Missions completed – 3

Moonshine served to other players at a bar – 4

Moonshine sold with at least 18 bottles intact – 1

Madam Nazar Location

She is at the same location as of yesterday. She is south of Valentine by the burn down town.


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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