Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Online Dailys May 20th 2020

GTA Online

Participate in a Parachute Jump.

RDR Online


Drinks ordered at a Saloon – 5

Non player enemies killed while in Dead Eye – 5

Northern Pike caught – 1

Red Sage picked – 5

Rescued someone in need – 1

Visited the peak of Mount Hagen – 1

Yarrow picked – 5


Distance Moonshine Wagon traveled on mission – 4827

Moonshine of preferred type sold to a buyer – 2

Moonshine sold with at least 18 bottles intact – 1

American Wild Flowers found – 3

Arrowheads found – 3

Bird Eggs found – 5

Carcasses donated within 10 minutes – 20

Distance delivery wagon traveled on mission – 15838

Money made from trading – $200.00

Bounty targets hogtied with a Reinforced Lasso – 3

Eagle Eye used to track a bounty target – 3

More than one bounty target brought in at once – 3

Madam Nazar Location

She is by Emerald Ranch area.


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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