Grand Theft Auto Original And Casino Heists Guide

In this blog, we are going to talk about the heists in GTA Online. We will get into the Original Heist with the Criminal Mastermind. We will also talk about Casino Heists.  I will touch on Doomsday, however, I do not believe it is worth doing. It does have it’s positives. Let’s get into it.

Original Heists

These Heists are the first in the game.  They can be found in your apartment and you will need to buy one.  The heist room is not in all apartment.  It is available with ten car garage apartments.  Pricing on the highend is just below one million. This is not a requirement but highly recommend. You need to buy Armor Karuma, which the Trade Price js $525,00. I believe normal price is $750,000. Someone out there knows thr price please correct me. If you know me, I hate this car but it will help you complete these jobs easier.  I also recommend that you buy it after you complete the first heist, which is the Fleece Bank. You will unlock the trade price and you will save some money.  Let’s face you. We are here to make money.

OG Heist Criminal Mastermind

Mastermind is a great way to make a one time shoot of 12 million plus.  You will need the same crew to run through all the heists without dying. You can fail a mission but no one can die.  This is a nice start up funds for beginners.

Doomsday Heist

Doomsday Heist you will either love it or hate.  I do not believe it is worth doing Criminal Mastermind.  You only get four million. I believe doing it to get the first time bonus and free call police off from Leaster.  You have to be the host to get that ability. You will need the facility to run these heist.  Pricing will go between just over million to two million. The other good news you do not have to four players.  The missions are between free roam and mission lobby. They are pretty challenging and amount of things that you need to finish. The missions are pretty hard just on normal difficult. This is why I do not believe it is worth it.  This is my thought pattern.

Casino Heist Property

This is latest set of Heists that has been added to the game.  I am not a 100% on this.  I believe you will need to own Casino Penthouse and Arade. I know you will need Casino to unlock one of the prep mission for the Casino Heist.  The Penthouse will run you about one and half million dollars. It will give you a small set of missions.  You will need to complete it to unlock that prep mission.  Thank you fo my crew member, who is Silver, for that information.  The arcade will run you between $1,235,00 to $2,500,000.  This is where you start the Heist.

Casino Heist Approaches

There is three approaches, which are Aggressive, Silent and Sneak, and Big Con.   If the missions has a star by it, they are require to complete.  The other ones are opintional.  I recommend that you do them or buy them. I do not recommends buying them. 

In closing, I hope this helps you get started in this great game.  I am not going to do a breakdown of every missions.  I will leave that to the youtubers of the world.  Speaking of youtubers, I highly recommend checking out my friend @G-Streezy88. He is making great guides on GTA and RDR. He plays other games like me. Let me know if you have any questions.  If you see me on, please, say hi. Until then, play hard and party on!  \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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