Grand Theft Auto Online MC Businesses Still Worth it? 2020 Edition

In this blog, we are going to get into a thought that I had for a bit. This goes back to when the Nightclub DLC was released. This is my position and thoughts. This is not fact but it will make you think. Let’s get into this debate.

Good Money

Let me say this and get it out of the way. MC Businesses are a good way to make money on GTA if you have a group of friends or a crew to help you sell. They are fast to produce inventory to sell that’s why they are best to make money.

Why they are not worth it?

These businesses are not for solo players. You will need friends or a crew to help you sell them. They also come with the worse sell missions in GTA. Even since Rockstar pulled bag sell missions. Your chances of getting Post OP vans and trash trucks have increase. I get why they pulled them because of a glitch in the game. The raids are one of the worse in the game. It happens all the time and they can go back to back.

DJ What do you do?

I am glad you asked. Ever since Nightclub came into the game. You can still make money off the MC Businesses. I leave them active without supplies and inventory. My Nightclub sources through them. Nightclub sell missions are pretty easy and you can do them solo. While they are sourcing, I am doing crates from the Hanger and CEO.

Other Ways To Make Money

I source CEO crates and fill up ten large warehouses. This is hours of game play and in the Free Roam. This increases your chances of being raided. To reset the clock, you will need to jump into a contract mission or heist. I do not have the time since I have small window to play. This is where this thought pattern came from. I run my bunker with buying supplies and also do hanger crates. I already covered the Nightclub.

Part 2 Edition 2021

MC Worth It 2021 Edition

In closing, I know many crews that grind the shit out of the MC Businesses. There is nothing wrong with that. Once again, this is my thought pattern and there is no right and wrong answer for this subject. I just want to bring it to your attention. Shootout to @SolitaryShadow7 for the awesome thumbnail. Also shootout to @possible_AV for nice debate. Go check out his YouTube channel. If you want to debate this, shoot me a message on twitter or comment below. Until then play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


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