Red Dead Online Tips On Earning Gold Bars (Beginners and Refresher Guide)

In this blog, we are going to get into tips on how to earn gold bars in RDR Online. This is more of a beginners guide. It is a nice refresher for the experience players. Let’s get into it.


This method is super easy and you can earn gold bars pretty quick. You need to do at least a 21 day streak to unlock half a gold bar for each daily that you finish. At 28 days, you will get a treasure map. DO NOT reset your dailys streak for the map. Keep it going because the Dailys are best way to earn gold bars at this time in RDR Online. If you finish all the General Dailys, you get up to 11 gold bars. There are at least two to three easy Dailys to complete.

Treasure Maps

This is a good way to earn money and gold. Money ranges from $40.00 to $175.00. It is a give and take situation. Gold ranges from half to gold bar and half. You can earn maps by doing the dailys at 28 days in a row, missions like bootlegger and hideouts. You will need to loot enemies at bootlegger and hideout missions to have the chance to earn Map.

Bounty Hunter Missions

This is the only role that will earn you gold on the missions. Hard and Legendary Bounties are a good way to earn the most gold and money. You do them to get double pay day with the dailys. However, one and two star bounties will earn you money and gold too.

Freemode Events

This is another way to earn money and gold. It is not the best. There are some fun events. I like doing Trader Route. It is good way to earn goods for your business. Plus, there are times that these events will be linked with your dailys.

Showdown And Race Series

This is Races and PVP. I am not a huge fan of PVP but they will be linked with your Dailys at times. Races are worse way to earn money and gold. You still earn both.

Stranger Missions

This is oldest abd orinigal way fo earn money and gold. This was the only thing to do when Online was in Beta. This method is a little bit better than Showdown and Race Series. Missions are not hard and some of them will effect your honor. You will be delivery, hunt, etc.

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