Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Online Dailys March 2nd 2020

GTA Online

Participate in a Freemode Challenge.

RDR Online


Blackberries picked – 5

Canned food eaten – 5

Crafted a horse care item. – 1

Distance traveled by coach or wagon – 5280

Free Roam Missions completed – 3

Perch caught – 5

Player kills from the hip in Free Roam Events – 1


Crafted Toxic Moonshine – 2

Moonshine of preferred type sold to a buyer – 2

Moonshine served to other players at a bar – 4

Camp Stews eaten – 3

Distance Delivery Wagon traveled on mission – 15838

Perfect carcasses donated to Cripps – 6

Bird Eggs found – 5

Collectibles found with a Metal Detector – 2

Lost Jewelry found – 3

Bounty targets hogtied with a Reinforced Lasso – 3

Hard ($$$) or Legendary Bounty mission completed – 1

Player bounties collected – 1

Madam Nazar Location

She is by Emerald Ranch in the Heartlands.


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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