Red Dead And Grand Theft Auto Online Dailys November 3rd 2019

In this blog, we are going to get into the Dailys on this Sunday Funday. Let’s get into it.

GTA Online

Participate in Game Masters

RDR Online


Animal teeth sold – 1

Distance swam – 500

Finish Showdown in Elimination – 1

Longnose Gar caught – 1

Player kills from Cover in Showdowns – 3

Player kills from the hip Showdowns – 1

Western Chipmunks collected – 2


Bounty targets brought in – 5

Bounty targets looted – 3

Bounty targets tagged with Tracking Arrow – 2

Antique Alcohol drunk – 1

Arrowheads found – 3

Family Heirlooms found – 3

Cripps Special Camp Stew recipes completed – 1

Goods sold to local buyer – 3

Money made from trading – $200.00

Madam Nazar Location

She is locate southeast of Rhodes.

In closing, today is a little bit harder. I have to be honest this is the only time that I do Showdowns Series. I am doing the Elimination on Dailys. I will nevet do the ones in cover or the hip shots. I have better things to do in the game. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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