Red Dead And Grand Theft Auto Online Dailys October 23rd 2019

In this blog, we have a new day, which is Wednesday, and that means we have new Dailys. Let’s do this!

GTA Online

Participate in a Bike Race

RDR Online


Cooked Seasoned Game – 3

Free Roam missions completed – 3

Fresh produce eaten – 5 (buy them at general store or a stable)

Longnose Gar caught – 1

Non player enemies grappled to the ground – 3

Player kills with a Shotgun in Free Roam Events – 3

Wild Carrots picked – 5 (everywhere)


Coins found – 3

Collectibles found with a Metal Detector – 2

Family Heirlooms found – 3

Bouny targets hogtied with a Reinforced Lasso – 3

Bounty targets lassoed from horseback – 3

Bounty targets tagged with Tracking Arrow – 2

Goods sold to local buyer – 3

Large animal carcasses donated to Cripps – 6

Resupply missions completed – 3

Madam Nazar Location

She is south of Thieves Landing and by Manteca Falls

Closing, this is another pretty easy day to make money and gold. Go make that money. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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