Red Dead Online Money Guide And Tips Week of 10-13-19

In this blog, we are going to get into some tips for this event week and a few other things. Let’s get into it.


Ammo is 40% off this week that is also including the high end bullets. This is pretty huge and just as good as free gun oil that was available a few months ago. I highly recommend before end of the day Monday that you buy the max.

Outlaw Pass

This is something that I left out of my last money guide. This pass will cost you 35 Gold Bars. If you get to the max level, which is level 70, you will get your bars back along with a ton of unlockable items and cash. This is the only way to get these unlockables at this time. It is well worth and highly recommend. You need to have the level 70 by November 5th. If you play like me two hours plus everyday, you will have it done in a few days.

In closing, I just wanted to get a quick post on this event week. Keep on saving that money and grind on. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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