Red Dead Forfeit Pursuits DLC Money Guide And Tips

In this blog, we are going to get into money guide for Red Dead Online. Some of these will be tips. They will save you money. Let’s get into this.


I cannot say this enough. Do your dailys. This is one way to get gold, cash, and XP. Now, Dailys have Roles Dailys. If you complete them you get cash, gold, and Role XP. This is a good way to level up quickly both overall and role and unluck things fast under roles abilities.


I can’t say this enough like Dailys and any upgrades. Buy your insurance for both of your wagons, which is Hunting and Bounty Wagons. If you destory it or another player blows it up at least eight times, it will pay for itself. If not, you will pay at least $8.00 each time it is destroyed.

Roles Free Role Events

So far Bounty Hunter and Collector have two Free Roam Events while Trader only has one. Keep in mind, we are right in the middle of the drift feed for this DLC. There is a chance to get a second one. These are pretty important to level up and earn some money. You will get something for just showing up. Here is a link that I use for all the Free Roam Events:

All Free Roam Events

This site works off your phone and it will calculate by your time zone. I give credit to Richard. His email is on there if there is any errors. He will correct and update this site.

Others Ways To Make Money

If you have a friend that is selling his goods as a Trader, help him or her. If he or she does distance sale that is full, you be rewarded with about $300.00 and 600 role RP. That’s huge and amazing. Help each other with Bounty Hunts. Everyone gets paid the same money and RP. Make sure to do thr legendary bounties at least once. Latest one, which is the family, pays about $96.00 for them all alive for the first time. Not sure on two to five level. Collector is a grind. Once you get to level five. You need to buy thr metal detector. This is a great and need to investment along with the shoval will paid for itself. You will need to work on getting full sets. You have a daily sell what is the minimum. I post everyday where Madam Nazer. You will need to see her to buy the equipment for collector. You can sell to her or see a post office to mail them.

In closing, sorry this took a bit. I was trying to max my roles so I have a better idea. I am going to continue to work on these roles. If something new or I found something else. I will post it up on my site as soon as possible. I did not really talk about it. I recommend you investing in both Bounty and Hunting wagons. They are a great way as a Posse or solo to make money for Bounty Hunter or Trader. I hope this post helps you out in anyway. Any questions or comments please post away or reach out to me on my social media channels. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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