Red Dead Gold Making and More

In this blog, we are going to get into this two week event week of August 20th to September 2nd. I know many of you do not read the newswire. Let’s get into this.

Daily Chellenges

If you are not doing the dailys, I believe you will start doing it now. You will earn double gold for the next two weeks. I just feel this DLC will be gold heavy. When you finish all seven in one day, you will get four extra gold bars. What I have been doing is hunting between collecting herbs etc. Plus, in this time frame, if you finish ten dailys, you will get a gift from Rockstar that will give you amno and throwing knifes.

Showdowns and Ability Cards

Showdowns are 40% more on RP. Showdown also shows up in the dailys. You can double drip in money making while leveling up. There is a lot of things that is locked behind level ranking. To help with Showdown series, ability cards are still 25% off. I would work on your cards before the next DLC. It makes a difference in the PVP mode. Trust me!

Outfits and Tonics

All outfits level has been dropped down to rank 10 and you save 25%. I would save your money and gold for the next DLC. Unless, you are well off. Tonics is a deal with 35% off. I would just pick herbs and seasoned your meats. This will full your cores. Just a thought to save a little money.

In closing, this is a great week to make some gold. It was a great way last week to make some money by grinding the story missions. Gold is just as important than money. Some things will be behind gold bars to buy. Keep that in mind. I just wanted to give you some kind of money guide for the next two weeks to make money. I hope this helps. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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