Red Dead Online New Blog July 2nd to July 8th

In this blog, we are going to get into this weeks event week of the 4th of Julg 2019 in Red Dead Online. I normally do not posted on event weeks but this is kind of a money guide kind of event. Let’s get into it.

You have a chance to save and make some money. Gun oil for the whole week is free. Your person can hold 20 on him or her when buying at a general store. Plus, you can buy 99 through the category. You can pick them up from your camp or post office throughout the map. You can buy 30 at a time then go do a Stranger Mission and then do another 30 more. Keep going until you buy up to 99 gun oil. I would do Stanget Missions because they are worth 30% more on money and RP this week. Let’s do the math.

Here is the math:

119 (gun oil) × $1.50 (cost of the gun oil) = $178.50

Just thinking about it this way, that is 17 Stranget Missions or 10 to 15 Showdown Series matches before this week. You are making money mixing Stranget Missions while buying gun oil. We are not even talking about the hunting that you do while heading to the next mission. You can buy gun oil all the way up to next Tuesday (July 9th) at 4am EST. Be safe and do it when you are done on Monday (July 8th).

In closing, I would come back and get your gun oil at least. I get there is not too much going on right now online. Rockstar is giving you $178.50. I would take because you know the next DLC is right around the corner. Happy 4th July to us Americans. Rest have a great week. Until then pary hard and party on!!!


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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