New Video Game Blog Red Dead Online New DLC 1.09

In this blog, we are finally received the DLC that we were waiting on for this game. Let us get in all the new things.

Clothing And More

There are new outfits. There are alot of new hats, pants, etc. I know I am a little late after the drop of this DLC. If you have a PS4, they were giving us free clothes amd hats. They added a new horse and sable bag. The horse for the PS4 players is free. It is not the worse worse but not the best. It is a War Horse but is a pale white color. So not the best looking horse to look at on your screen. Perfect horse for new and beginning players. So as far as beginning players, I would hold off going on a shopping spree. You need guns, update your card collection, etc.

New Missions

They added about five plus missions. There is about two on the honor side and I did four on the dishonor side. I am a honor player. I had to switch to the dishonor side. I loved both set of series of missions are fun. Dishonor missions, you are doing setups to rob a bank. Honor missions, you are saving the U.S. Marshall. There is a few new Freemode missions. There is a new mission to continue the online storyline.

New Showdown Modes

I am not a fan of PVP. I know there are players that are fans of these modes. I rarely play them and I find them pretty boring. Now with that said if I had a group of friends, I might enjoy them. I will list the new ones for you in this selection. Here is the list:


Head For The Hills

Public Enemy

Sport Of Kings

In closing, this is a nice step for the future of RDR Online. I love the direction that Rockstar is taking this game. They are building it up like they did with GTA Online. I love their take on the defensive mode. We will have three classes in the next update. They are Trader, Collector, and Bounty Hunter. I love the future and they did a great job showing what their plan is for the online part of the game. They have brought some players back with everything in this DLC. It will continue with the next DLC. Five location of poker is throughout the map. This adds another mode to play online. Come back and check it out all the new stuff. Until then, play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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