New Video Game Blog Simeon’s Last Five Repo Mission Review

In this blog, we are going to get into the last five mission from this small DLC. I am really sorry for this being really late. My day job had me really busy of late. Let’s get into this review.

Burn Rate

This is a mission for which you get a fire truck. You can get the fire truck two ways. You can go to fire station to get it there or go the old school way and call 911. The feature that you never see anyone use anymore. Once you have the fire truck. You take it down to the shipping yard to put out car fires. Once done you kill all the gang members. This is a pretty fun missions. Why brother pulling out the fires. The cars are destoryed.


This one you have to steal the cars from a plane that brought them. You have to get away from the cops. You can do this mission totally sleath There are two cars in there. You have to get the cars back to the dealership. Another pretty fun mission. There is some nice action on these last two missions.

GTA Today II

You have to collect a few cars around the city. It will be a sport car to a normal one. One little tip when delivering these cars. Make sure you line them straight up when hitting the yellow dot. Time is not on your side so if you have a Mark II. I would recommend that you use it.

Did You Even Lift?

In this mission, you will need a Cargobob. You have to be really good with it to complete this mission. The cars are in mansion lot that is locked up. You will need to air left them out of there and put them on a parking structure in downtown. You have to move some of the cars to air left them out. I hate the Cargobob and I am not good with it. This mission is not for me. If you are good with it then you might like this mission.

RV Nearly There?

This one is pretty straightforward. You have to go up north to steal this limited RV. You kill some AI and you have to move them around to get to the RV. After you move second to third RV more AI’s will come and attack you. This is beyond the funniest mission of the second release of the Repo Missions.

In closing, overall, these are pretty fun missions. These missions take you back to the roots of GTA Online. They released these missions in three weeks. The first week was solid and they really fun. The second week I just found pretty boring asides the RV one. The third week was likd the first. They were solid and fun missions. Overall, this was a fun small DLC. I cannot wait for the next DLC. These are my thoughts. I will be adding them to my playlist when all contract missions are double money. If you see me on GTA or Red Dead Online, please, say hi. Until next play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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