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In this Music Monday blog, we are going to get into the latest record from Megadeth and it is called Super Collider.  This is the second record with original bassist Dave Ellefson since returning to the band.  This is their first record since 2011.  We are going to get into the rich history of one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal and then the music.  Let us  get into the history.


Dave Mustaine was oringally part of Metallica as a lead guitar player until he was fired in 1983.  He was fired for his drinking and drug abuse problem.  Dave Mustaine met Dave Ellefson in the same year to form Megadeth.  Megadeth recorded a three song demo and was signed to Capital in 1984 while hiring Chris Poland as their lead guitar player.  The band in 1985 began recording their debut record, which was “Killing Is My Business….And Business Is Good!” under Combat Record, which was independent record company under Capital.  After blowing half the budget on drugs and alcohol, the band was forced to fire their producer and produced their own record.  This record has been looked at as a cult and fan favorite.  In 1986, the band started to record their second record, which was “Peace Sells… Who’s Buying?”  Megadeth did not like how the record sounded so they finally moved up to the major record, which was Capital.  Capital Records hired Paul Lani to remix the record and released in 1986.  This record pushed Megadeth into the mainstream of Hard Rock and Metal in the 1980’s.  The band went on several date tours but drug abuse force the band to go through several different line up changes.  Megadeth started to work on their third record called “So Far, So Good… So What!” in 1988.  Several more line up changes happened before they even started to work on their fourth record.  Chuck Behler (drummer) and Jeff Young (guitar player) were fired while Dave Ellefson went into rehab.  Nick Menza was brought in to play drums.  Megadeth covered “No More Mr. Nice Guy” for Wes Craven’s film “Shocker.”  This marked the first time in Megadeth’s history the band recorded a song as a three-piece band.  In 1990, the band started searching for their second guitar player.  The band saw guys like Slash, who was in Guns and Roses and turned down the gig to stay with Roses, and Criss Oliva, who turned it down from Savatage.  Dimebag Darrell, who was from Pantera, was offer but wanted his brother, who was Vinnie Paul, to play drums.  Jeff Loomis from later fame Nevermore was offer but Dave Mustaine was worried about his age.  Marty Friedman was told by Jeff Loomis to try out for Megadeth.  Marty was rejected at first but later Mustaine hired him in 1990.  It was just in time for the band to record their next record, which was “Rust In Peace.”  The band was sober and this is the first time at this point a producer, who was Mike Clink, made it through the whole recording process without being fired.  “Rust In Peace” would mark the most success this band will ever have from any era and history.  The next record was “Countdown to Extinction.”  It had several hit songs and the record debuted number two on the Billboard Charts.  Megadeth recorded another hit song called “Angry Again” for a film called “Last Action Hero.”  After being drop by Aerosmith for comments by Dave Mustatine, the band return to the studio to record “99 Ways To Die” for the soundtrack for Beavis And Butthead Experience record.  The band return to the studio record a follow-up record to “Countdown To Extinction” which would be called “Youthanasia.”  The record appeared number four on the Billboard Charts.  Jimmy Degrasso was bought in to play drums and replaced Nick Menza.  Nick did play drums on Megadeth’s next record which was called “Cryptic Writings.”  It appeared number ten on Billboard Charts.  It also had the highest single, which was “Trust”  in the band’s history on the Mainstream Rock Tracks.  There was several other hits off this record.  “Risk” was the next release from Megadeth in 1999.  “Risk” was a let down to their longtime fan base and critics.  It also marked the end of Marty Friedman on the second guitar.  Al Pitrelli replaced Marty for the remaining tour dates.  Capital Records after fourteen years working with Megadeth released them from their contract.  Capital Records had two new songs from the band so they added it to their Greatest Hits record.  Megadeth signed with Santuary Records.  They released “The World Needs A Hero” in 2001.  It shown their hardcore fans  that the band went back to their metal roots.  It had “Moto Psycho” that appeared number twenty-two on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts.  In 2002, Megadeth announce they have broken up because of injury to Dave Mustaine.   In 2004, after fighting Dave Mustaine started working on new material for the next Megadeth record.  Nick Menza signed on but later was released.  Marty Friedman could not reach an agreement to work on the new project.  Dave Ellefson declined an offer from Mustaine.  Dave Mustaine stated that Ellefson was saying his injury was faked.  Chris Poland was hired as the lead guitar player and marked the first time since the 1980’s Dave and Chris worked together.  In 2004, Megadeth released “The System Has Failed” and it went to number eighteen on the Billboard Charts.  Chris Poland worked as session guitar player.  He was replaced by Glen Drover and his brother, who was Shawn Drover, replaced Nick  on the tour.  In 2007, Megadeth released their eleventh studio album, which was called “United Abominations.”  It marked the first recordings of Glen and Shawn Drover and James Lomenzo.  This record appeared number eight on the Billboard charts and this is the first time they hit the top ten since “Youthanasia” in 1994.  Glen Drover left the band because of family.  He was replaced by Chris Broderick from Nevermore.  In 2009, Megadeth put out their twelfth album called “Endgame.” They went out on tour to support the record and play “Rust In Peace” from start to finish on its 20th Anniversary.  Dave Ellefson returned to Megadeth after eight years of not being around.  Megadeth return back into the studio after all the “Big Four Show” and record “Sudden Death” for Guitar Heros in 2010.  This mark the first recording with Dave Ellefson on bass since 2001.  In 2011, Megadeth released “TH1RT3EN” and it hit number eleven on the Billboard Charts.  “Super Collider” is the record that is being featured on this blog was released in 2013 under Dave Mustaine record label, which is called Tradecraft.  The first single off this record is called “Super Collider.”  “Super Collider” went to number six of the Billboard Charts.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:


The opening track has some sound effects but jumps into some killer guitar riffs.  Dave’s singing is on key.  There is some solid drumming and bass playing.  I love the high pace to the music and the movement on the guitar playing.  I love those short guitar solos from the guitar players.  I am not a huge fan of the lyrics but they are not worse.  I could live with them.  I love the switch off on the guitar solo from Dave and Chris.

Super Collider

Super Collider is the first single off this record.  I am loving that opening guitar solo with a nice rhythm guitar, bass, and drum playing.  Dave’s singing is spotted on along with some great lyrics.  This is old school Megadeth.  He found away to bring it back to life.  This sound reminds me of “The Killing Road.”  I love that guitar solo towards the middle of the song.


I love the guitar playing at the beginning of Burn!  There is a nice guitar solo at the beginning.  I love the guitar break and the drumming.   The bass playing from Dave E is setting up the drummer nicely.  I love the lyrics.  I am enjoying this record so far.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  I am loving the end of this song.

Built For War

Built For War has a nice pace to it.  Dave’s singing is solid and of course classic Megadeth guitar break before the versus.  I am loving that main riff.  The drums and bass are off the charts good.  The lyrics are pretty good.  I love the harmony from the vocals towards the back half of the song.  The guitars, bass, and drums echo this theme.  There is a pretty good ending guitar solo of the song.

Off The Edge

I love the beginning of this song.  I am really enjoying the lyrics and the music.  This is a pretty solid song.  I love the melody from the singer.  He put some thought behind this song.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  Once again, I love the trade-off on the guitar solos.

Dance In The Rain

Dance In The Rain has the lead singer, who is David Draiman, from Disturbed guest on it.  I am loving the guitar playing at the beginning.  I am also loving the lyrics.  The drumming is awesome with the bass playing echoing it.  There is a some nice guitar work on the song.  I love the guitar solos throughout this song.  David Draiman is towards the end of the song during the fastest part of the song.   I loved how they used David Draiman on this song.

Beginning Of Sorrow

Hello Dave Ellefson on the bass at the beginning.  I love his playing because it echos the classic Megadeth tunes.  This song is no different from those classic hits.  I love the music and lyrics.  Dave’s singing is solid like the norm.  Holy Shit that is an awesome guitar solo.  The drums and bass are perfect.  I love the added acoustic guitar behind the guitar solo.  The drums make this song feel like a metal song.

The Blackest Crow

I love the drums and the folk sound to the start of the song.  It is a different twist on this metal record.  I love how they blend the distorted heavy guitar.  This is a slow song to the rest of the record.  Dave is singing great and this kind of out of his element from his past work.  This is a band that could work with a country singer after listening to this song.  I would say someone like Johnny Cash if he was still alive.  I am enjoying the lyrics on this song.  I love the guitar solo towards the back half of the song.  This is a pretty dark but bright song at the same time.

Forget to Remember

There is a simple but perfect guitar riff at the beginning.  The bass, drums and second guitar comes in to echos the same riff.  Dave’s singing is solid with some pretty good lyrics.  I love the pace of the song.  It is a nice driving song. I love the effects they put on the lead singer towards the end of the song.  I love the ending of this song.

Don’t Turn Your Back…

I love the start of this song.  There is some Blues action at the beginning.  I love that heavy guitar riff to start into the main part of the song.  This is a pretty fast song.  Dave is singing really well on this song.  There is some solid lyrics with a theme and meaning.  I love the ending guitar solo.

Cold Sweat

This is a cover from the band called Thin Lizzy.  I am happy to see Megadeth putting covers back on their records.  This is a heavier cover song than the Thin Lizzy.  Megadeth did a great job on this song.

All I Want

This song and next two are from exclusive edition from Best Buy.  In other words, they are bonus tracks.  I love the guitar riff at the beginning.  I do not like the melody on the lead singer’s singing.  The lyrics are just average for Megadeth’s standards.  I really did not like the ending of the song.

A House Divided

I love the start of this song.  Nice touch on the horn selection.  I love guitar work on this song.  The lyrics are pretty than the last song but average to slight above for Megadeth.  I love the time changes on this song.  For being bonus track, it is not a bad song.  It is pretty good.

Countdown To Extinction (Live In Pomona, CA)

I believe you know this song.  If you do not, you need to go back and listen to that great record.  I love the sound for being a live recording.  This is a pretty good recording of this song.

Original Band Line Up:

  • Dave Mustaine – Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar
  • David Ellefson – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Gar Samuelson – Drums, Timpani
  • Chris Poland – Lead Guitar

Current Band Line Up:

  • Dave Mustaine – Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar and Slide Guitars
  • Chris Broderick – Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars, and Backing Vocals
  • David Ellefson – Bass Guitar and Backing vocals
  • Shawn Drover – Drums, Percussion

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @Megadeth

In closing, I am a huge Megadeth fan so I have been with them thick and thin.  I enjoyed all the music they have put out over the years.  I came board the Megadeth train about the mid 1990’s.  I was not there from the beginning because of my age, which is mid 30’s.  I saw this band at the top of their powers and the low.  However, they are back and climbing back up in the mainstream, Megadeth is back.  “Super Collider” is not a let down from their last record “TH1RT3EN.”  There is some really good songs on this record and I could hear some of them start to chart on music charts.  The only thing I do not like about this record is the production.  I just feel this record is too bright for a metal record.  The songs do not sound full.  The new Black Sabbath “13” record is full sounding and that is with one guitar player.  This Megadeth record needs four more guitars or bass guitars and it will not sound as full as the new Black Sabbath.  With all that at the side, this is a great record and I am glad they are still writing some great music.  I highly recommend this record, which is “Super Collider,” from Megadeth.  Also if you are a fan of this band, you NEED to see this band live.  They are awesome live.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Credit Source:  (I pick up the history part from wikipedia.)

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