New Music Monday Queensryche Frequency Unknown (Tate Version)

In this Music Monday blog, we are going to get into the new release from Queensryche and it is called Frequency Unknown.  This release is the Geoff Tate version of the band.  Queensryche spite with their lead singer and former band mates are fighting over the name.  The other Queensryche will be releasing a new record with their new lead singer. I will have that review here soon.


Queensryche was founded in 1982 in Washington.  Chris DeGarmo met Mark Wilton to form a band called Joker.  Mark Wilton met Scott Rockenfield and Chris met Eddie Jackson.  They changed the name to The Mob.  Geoff Tate joined but he was not interested in playing metal covers.  The band recorded their first EP called Queen Of The Reich.  The band discovered there was another band with the same name of The Mob.  They rename the band Queensryche from their first EP.  The key is they misspelled it.  Queensryche was signed EMI Records in 1983.  They supported the EP with a tour by opening up for Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister.  After the tour, they went into the studio to record The Warning, which is their first studio release, and it was released in 1984.  Their second record was called Rage Of Order in 1986. In 1988 Queensryche release their first Concept Record which is known as Operation: Mind Crime.  The band toured with Metallica, Guns and Roses, and Def Leppard.  After that successful record, the band put out in 1990 their must successful and most selling record known as Empire.  Just like Mind Crime, Empire pumped out several hits and the record reached #7 on the United States music charts.  The band appeared on MTV Unplugged and released Live record with Operation:  Mind Crime.  The band took time off but in 1994 they released the follow-up to Empire which is Promise Land.  Like most Metal bands, they took a hit when the grunge scene hit the mainstream.  The band put out their final record with original lead guitar player Chris DeGarmo.  The record was called Hear In The Now Frontier.  The record had two hits but record itself did not do good.  Chris left the band and it was not made public why he left the band.  He is now a full-time pilot.  Chris was replaced by Kelly Gray and he produced their next release called Q2K in 1999.  Just like Hear In The Now Frontier, the fans did not like the direction of the band.  The band was forced to play in clubs and theaters like most of their peers.  The band put out their second live record in 2001 and fired Kelly Gary for ongoing problems and personal habits.  In 2003, the band enter the studio to worked on Tribe and reports that Chris DeGarmo worked with the band again.  He helped co write four songs but he never rejoin or decline that he was part of the band.  However Kelly Gary’s replacement was Mark Stone, which work with Tate on his first solo record, Mark Stone finished the record as the second guitar player.  The band went on tour with Dream Theater to support in 2003.  In 2004, Queensryche got a ton of interested from fans when they announced they are going to do a follow-up to the 1988’s release Operation:  Mind Crime.  Operation:  Mind Crime II was released under new record label Rhino in 2006.  The band put a greatest hits called Signs Of The Time with Chris DeGarmo on one new song.  In 2007, the band put out a cover record that was called Take Cover.  Mark Stone left the band to work on his side project called Speed-X but there was reports that he was fired from the band.   Mark was forced to record both the lead and rhythm guitar parts for American Soldier, which was three concept record, that Queensryche put out.  It was released in 2009.  Dedicated to Chaos was the final record with Geoff Tate  and it was released 2011.  The band had a meeting without Tate and they decided to outsource their fan club and fire their band manager, who is Tate’s wife.  The band hired Todd La Torre as the lead singer.  Geoff Tate filed a lawsuit against the band on that he has the rights to the name.  The judge ruled that Tate and his former band mates could use the name until the next court date which is in November of 2013.  This blog is on the Tate version of the band.  He has several artist and former members of the Queensryche band.  Let us get into the music.

Track List


There is some strong action from the drums and an awesome guitar riff.  Tate’s singing is really strong.  I am not a fan of the lyrics.  I can barely hear the vocals in the song.  It just seems like the guitar is right by the recording mic the whole time.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.


There is some nice guitar work and drum action at the beginning.  Tate is more to the front as the guitars seems like they are in the background.  I am not a fan of the lyrics.  It just seems like these first two songs the lyrics were rushed to get the record out to the public.  I am not sure how I feel towards the middle of the song.  I love the guitar build up from the break and the ending.

Give It To You

I love the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song.  I really do not like Tate’s singing in this song.  Once again, I am not a fan of the lyrics.  This song has a good pace to it.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.  There is some great music so far on this record.


I really love the guitar work at the beginning of the song.  The drums and bass are pretty solid too.  I love the guitar work when Geoff Tate comes in singing.  Once again, I am not fan of the lyrics and singing, however, it is better than the first few songs.  I am starting to see an ongoing theme in  this record to me.  There is some nice drumming towards the end of the song.

In The Hands Of God

I am not sure how I feel about the beginning of the song.  The guitar work is a little weird for Queensryche music.  I am not a fan of lyrics but his singing is pretty good.  I really do not like the back up vocals on this song.  The low to high singing is not working for this song.  I kind of like the guitar solo.  This is a bad song from start to finish.

Running Backwards

I like the guitar work and the drums and bass are pretty strong in this song.  Running Backwards has a nice start to the song.  I am not a fan once again of the lyrics.  It is a little better than the rest of the record.  It just seems like they put Tate’s vocals in the background to the rest of the band.  There is a nice guitar solo in the back half of the song.

Life Without You

Life Without You has a strong guitar and drumming work.  It calms down like old Queensryche.  I am not sure on how I feel about the drums and bass during the main riff.  I just feel the lyrics were rushed but this is the best set of lyrics on this record.  I do like the bass work towards the back half of the song.


Everything starts out with some nice piano work and almost like drum machine that Linkin Park would use in their music   The music seems so far in the background.  The guitar and bass are pretty good.  Geoff Tate has some good singing but the lyrics I could do without.   Tate sounds like he is singing in the metal box.  The chorus on this song is really good along with the lyrics.  I believe this is one of the better songs on the record.  The guitars on this record are too much in the front over the rest of the band.


I love the drums and the guitar work at the beginning of the song.  I can hear but barely hear the second guitar solo.  I do not like the lyrics on this song.  The music is pretty solid on Fallen.  There is a nice guitar solo towards the back half of the song.  Please, do not sing over the guitar solo and it did not fit.  There are some songs it fits but not here.

The Weight Of The World

I love the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song.  I can do without the reverb and delay on Tate’s vocals.  I kind of do not like his singing and melody.  Plus, on top of all this for being the last song the lyrics are pretty bad.  This song just seems too slow for everything that is going on in the song.  There is a pretty neat guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Re-record Hits

I Don’t Believe In Love

I really love this song and I get why bands re-record their hits.  I have to say this a really bad version of this song.  The guitar sounds too bright and Tate has too much reverb on his vocals.  It just seems so empty.  The back up vocals are bad.


The guitar seems different and drums are too bright.  I can barely hear the bass and once again Tate has reverb on his vocals.  It is not as bad as I Don’t Believe In Love.  The back up vocals are a little better on this song.  This is a pretty solid re recording of Queensryche classic song.

Jet City Woman

It is something with the studio where they recorded all these songs.  They seems so empty and the guitar solo seems a little different than the original.  Tate’s vocals are like the original but there is still too much reverb.  Towards the end of the song, it seems like kids are doing the back ground vocals with Tate.  This is bad version.

Silent Lucidity

It is something with the studio they are recording in because all these songs seems very empty and has a ton of holes in them.  This one seems ok and better than the rest of the songs.  Tate just seems like he is singing a little different in this version.  It is not good but it is far from the original song.  It is just another bad version.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @queensryche @geofftate

In closing, I am a huge fan of Queensryche and I was sad to hear they broke up.  I was excited to see each version come up with music.  I have to say this version of Queensryche is NOT Queensryche.  Sorry Tate!  I love your singing and I will still support you and your former band mates.  This record is Tate’s solo record and it is a shame that the Queensryche name is all over this record.  This hurts the brand than helps it.  I will say this is better than Tate’s first record. His second solo record was better than these two records. I have not heard the other version of Queensryche minus Tate.  Who knows that might be bad too.  The parts I have heard I am a little excited because the new singer sounds like a younger Tate.  Plus, I love the fact they are going back to the earlier records.  If this was a Tate solo record, I would have loved it and I still do to some point.  I have to block the name out to maybe it will grow to like this record.  There are some pretty good songs but there are too many fillers.  I believe Tate needs to take a year off from lyric writing and relax.  I believe he is over work and burn himself out.  Please, let me know what you think of this record.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Credit Source:  (I pick up the history part from wikipedia.)

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