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In this Music Monday Blog, Filter is the feature band and the new record called “The Sun Comes Out Tonight.”  Filter is well-known in the 1990’s for their huge hit “Hey Man Nice Shot,” which everyone thought they were talking about Kurt Cobain shooting himself.  It is still mystery of what they were singing about.  Filter had several hits in the 1990’s and I have been a fan since.  Let us get into the history of this band and then the music.


Richard Parker, who is one of founding member of Filter, played guitar in a band called Nine Inch Nails.  He tour for NIN record “Pretty Hate Machine.”  Richard left the band after the tour and began a new project which would be called Filter with Brain Liesegang.  Filter signed record company in 1994 with Reprise Records.  “Short Bus” was released in 1995 with the big hit “Hey Man Nice Shot.”  They had another hit off that record called “Dose.”  Filter went back into the studio in 1998 to start working on their second record which would be release in 1999 and it was called “Title Of Record.”  They had a three singles which are “Welcome To The Fold,” “The Best Things,” and the huge hit song “Take A Picture.”  Filter went into the studio in 2001 to begin work on “The Amalgamut.”  It was released in 2002 with hit songs like “Where Do We Go From Here,” and “American Cliche.”  Sales of the record were short because of Richard Parker entering Rehab which led to lack of touring and support for the record.  Filter took a break from touring and recording.  Richard Parker team up with members of Stone Temple Pilots to form the supergroup called Army Of Anyone.  Army Of Anyone put out their first record and did not sale very well.  Richard disappointed with the success of that Supergroup project which lead to their break up in 2007.  Filter finally went into the studio to record their fourth record in 2007 and their first since 2002.  The record was called “Anthems for the Damned.”  It was a more serious record than the rest that was released in the past.  The record was finally released in 2008 and had hits like “Soldiers Of Misfortune” and “What’s Next.”  In 2008, Filter started to work on their fifth record called “The Trouble With Angels.”  There was no singles off this record, however, this record brought Filter back to their first three records.  The fan base holds this as their cult classic.   The band enter the studio to record their sixth record which is the one that will be reviewing in this blog and it is called “The Sun Comes Out Tonight.”  The band put out their first single called “What Do You Say.”  Let us get into the music.

Track List

We Hate It When You Get What You Want

The open track has that classic Filter sound to it.  The programming and sampling is awesome.  Richard Parker sounds great.  The drumming and bass work is right there with the old school sound.  Richard has some great lyrics on this song.  Filter keeps it going after their last release, which was “The Trouble With Angels.”  This is a great opening track.

What Do You Say

The first single off this great record is “What Do You Say.”  Just like the opening track, “What Do You Say” starts out like the old Filter sound.  I believe this band never really loss its sound.  They were experimenting on their fourth record.  There is nothing wrong with that and still was a pretty good record.  Richard is singing is solid with some awesome lyrics.  He has his screaming going on in this song.  The music from the guitar, bass, and drums are solid.  I love the music breaks in “What Do You Say.”  This is a perfect first single off this record.  It also has a nice ending.


I love the start of this song with the samples and acoustic guitar.  Richard’s singing is really good on this song.  This song reminds me of “Take A Picture.”  He has out did himself on this song.  The drums are really good.  This song right now is my favorite song off this record so far.  I really enjoyed the build up towards the end of the song.  “Surprise” has a nice and fitting finish.

Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight

I love the effects on the samples and the vocals.  Richard comes in with an awesome guitar riff that turns out to be the main riff.  Once again, I tip my hat to him for having some solid lyrics and music.  I am loving the drums and bass on this song.  It is a perfect back up to the singing and guitar.  I love the ending of this song.

It’s Got To Be Right Now

I love the guitar effects on the one guitar.  The other guitar is same riff but really solid.  I love the singing and the lyrics.  This song seems like it could have been part of their 1990’s records.  The drums and bass are simple but this is perfect for the song.  It is what the song is calling for in its theme and process.  This is not the best song but not the worse on this record.  The lyrics are to the point and love the build up for the ending.

This Finger’s For You

The drums kind of has a flare from Led Zeppelin but a little bit heavier at the beginning.  I love the guitar and programing while Richard sings.  There is some pretty solid music and lyrics on this song.  The drums and bass are about where they need to be with the process of this song.  The music is awesome and this can be turn up without leaving anything behind.  The title of the song explains everything.  I love the music break with a semi guitar solo.  I love the sampling drums at the end of the song.

Self Inflicted

I love Richard screaming at the beginning.  It brings me to the old school of Filter.  This song seems like “Hey Man Nice Shot.”  I love the lyrics.  They are straight to the point and have some meaning.  I love the verses music and then the pick up for the chorus.  Parker has written some great music for this song.  I love the pace of this song.  It has a nice ending.

First You Break It

I love the acoustic guitar and pace at the beginning of this song.  Once again, this song reminds me of “Take A Picture.”  For programming metal band, their Ballard or slow songs are really good.  They make sense and not what you expect from them.  The lyrics and music are solid.  This is up there as one of my favorite songs off this record.  The drums move this song not the singer or guitar player.  The drummer leads us to a nice journey of music.  I love the singing towards the end and the build up.

Burn It

I love the programming at the beginning of the song.  The guitar in the background is a nice touch.  When it comes forward, it is right in your face.  The lyrics are pretty solid for the theme of this song.  I love Richard’s singing.  He is on it like back in the 1990’s.  I just wish and hope this band gets some looks from this record.  There is a nice pace to music and the drums are really solid off this track.  Richard has a nice guitar solo towards the back half of the song.

Take That Knife Out Of My Back

The sampling and programming is slow and nice to the point.  The lyrics are simple but perfect.  I believe this is the last song they wrote for the record.  I love the guitar riff in the song.  Richard’s screaming is perfect along with the drums and bass playing.  There is a nice pace to the song.  This is a pretty solid song towards the end.  I believe this should be the second single off this record.  It has a nice ending.

It’s My Time

I love the piano action at the beginning of the song.  I love the lyrics along with the music.  This is thinking music but to me this is thinking about growing up listening to this band.  Damn, time has went by pretty fast.  Richard has still has it as a song and lyric writer.  These songs make me want to get back into music.  This is a great song.

It’s Just You

The beginning of this song reminds of something off Owl City record.  However, Filter put their twist on it. There is some solid music and lyrics.  I am so proud of this band of what they are and what they have become in the world of hard rock and metal.  I love the lyrics and it comes straight from the heart.  I love the ending and this is a perfect ending to this great record.  FILTER is BACK!!!  Last record is the same thing.

Here is original Line Up:

  • Richard Patrick – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Drums, Producer, Engineer
  • Brian Liesegang – Programming, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Producer, Engineer
  • Matt Drvenkar – Answering Machine Vocals
  • Kevin Hanley – Additional Guitar Noise

Here is their current Line Up:

  • Richard Patrick – Lead Vocals, Guitare
  • Jonathan Radtke  – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Phil Buchman – Bass Guitar
  • Jeff Friedl – Drums
  • Elisa Mallin – Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @OfficialFilter @RichardPatrick

In closing, I have not been disappointed with this band’s music since they started.  They have not put out a bad record.  I am not a huge fan but I will say I have becoming more and more of huge fan.  I believe this record has put me to the point I have become a huge fan.  I have grown up listening to this band and I was too stuck in the past,which meaning like the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I believe their was nothing wrong with that. I still follow this band like Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots, Cold, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains.  There are band I wish would have kept on going but this band I am glad is still going.  They put out a solid record and you need to support them.  If you are new to this band, please, go back and check out the rest of their music.  I highly recommend this music.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Credit Source:  (I pick up the history part from wikipedia.)

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