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In this Music Monday Blog, we are going to get into the latest record from Kiss.  This is their 20th record in their career and it is called Monster.  This record is the follow-up record to Sonic Boom.  Here is a little history of this legendary band.  Kiss was founded in January 1973 in New York City.  This band has went through several line up changes but still found some success.  They have twenty studio records and ten live records, which they are best known for them.  They were one of the first bands in 1970’s to push the live records as a trend.  They have about thirteen greatest hits records.  Kiss also has five box sets in the market.  They had thirteen of their records from live and studio that went Gold in the United States.  Kiss has also had thirteen of their records from live and studio that went Platinum in the United States.  Kiss is pretty well-known for their live performance.  They are also known for their make up and their character that they dress up for their stage act.  Kiss was the first band to sell lunch boxes, action figures, etc.  Kiss was their marketing machine to drive their fame.  Kiss like most great bands are not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  Let us get into the music.

Hell Or Hallelujah

The opening track has a solid guitar work at the beginning of this song.  This is a classic Kiss song.  This song is a little be slower than the normal Kiss songs.  The lyrics are really bad but the music is great.  This is their first single from this record.  There is a great guitar solo towards the end of the song from Tommy.  This song finish pretty strong.

Wall Of Sound

I love the start of this song.  There is solid playing from all the members in the band.  Paul’s vocal has aged very well.  Most lead singers in the later part of their career cannot sing their old songs and some of their newer ones.  The lyrics are a little better on this song.  This is so far my favorite song from “Monster.”  The pace of this song is just right for Kiss.  The ending is about average for the song.


I love the music on “Freak.”  This is a great all around song but the lyrics are bad.  I could hear this song on their first few records.  There is a great guitar solo from Tommy.   It has a pretty solid ending.

Back To The Stone Age

There is a nice bass and drum work at the beginning of the song.  This is a nice driving music.  I love the music.  The lyrics once again is really bad.  It has a classic Kiss sound.  It is kind of sounds like “Love Gun” or “I Love It Loud.”  Back To The Stone Age has a solid finish.

Shout Mercy

There is a nice guitar riff with a good backbone from the bass and drums.  The lyrics are like classic Kiss lyrics.  I love the music.  Nice fitting guitar solo is well placed in the song.  Shout Mercy has a great finish.

Long Way Down

This song, which is Long Way Down, is the second single released from Monster.  It has a solid music with some good lyrics.  There is more singing from Paul on this record then Gene.  It just seems like it. There is a nice simple guitar solo and it is spot on in this song.  There is also a nice ending to the song.

Eat Your Heart Out

There is a different pace of the song with just singing at the beginning of it.  There is some great music.  I love the guitar work.  This song sounds like Poison, who is a band from the glam rock days in 1980’s.  There has some thoughts that Poison has stolen music from Kiss.  I am not saying that Kiss is stealing music from Poison but it sounds like it.  Everything has been done in music.  There is only a few notes in music so there will be songs and music that might sound like another song or music.  In most cases, it might have one more note or one less that the general music ear might not pick up on it.  Anyways, the lyrics on this song are just bad but the song has a great finish.

The Devil Is Me

This song has a nice guitar, bass, and drums.  This is a nice in your face Kiss music.  The lyrics are bad.  There is a nice guitar break towards the middle of the song.  The song went from good to boring.  This song should be shorter.  It is a Kiss ending.

Outta This World

There is a solid start to the song.  It also has a nice pace to the song.  It is a simple and to the point to the music.  I am not a fan of the lyrics and this song is pretty boring.  The guitar work and solo is perfect.  This song just like some other songs towards the end of this record could be shorter.  There is some nice drumming on this song.  I could heard this song on one of their first few records.

All For The Love Of Rock And Roll

This song seems like it is too slow for Kiss.  However, I am really enjoying the lyrics,  I am also loving the theme of the lyrics.  I hear a little country music influence in this song.  It has a perfect ending and the song reached the point.  The length of the song is perfect.  It also has a perfect ending.

Take Me Down Below

I am loving the beginning of this song.  Gene has the thunder bass kicking in this song.  Take Me Down Below has great music.  It is a classic Kiss song from the music and lyrics.  I love the guitar solo.  It kind stays in the low-end but hits the mid notes with some high-end.  It is a party song from the music and the lyrics.  It has a nice ending.

Last Chance

There is a nice bass line at the beginning of the song.  This song has a nice fast pace to it.  It reminds me of old Kiss.  This is a classic Kiss song from the music and lyrics.  There is some good back up vocals.  I love the music.  This song comes into your house to have breakfast and then just leaves you without food.  It is gets to the point.  There is a nice guitar solo in the middle of the song.  Nice build up for the ending of the song.  It is just right for the end of the record.  Kiss leaves this record on a high note.

Here is the current line up for Kiss:

  • Gene Simmons – Bass guitar, vocals
  • Eric Singer – drums, vocals
  • Paul Stanley – rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Tommy Thayer – lead guitar, vocals

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @kissonline

In closing, I am not a huge Kiss fan but I do enjoy listening to their music.  I am fan but not part of the Kiss Army.  I was stun that they came out with a follow-up to Sonic Boom.  I was also stun that they came out with Sonic Boom.  Most older bands do not like to put out new music because their fan base do not care about the new music.  I believe the only fans that care about the music is the hardcore ones or person that loves new music.  I feel that Monster from Kiss was rush to be pull out  for a reason to do a tour.  The music on this record is classic Kiss and is really solid.  They did a great job.  I do not know if they took old riffs that they wrote back in the day.  The lyrics I feel this band has run out of ideas.  There are some gems on this record.  I believe around those gems there are too many filler songs.  What I mean by that, it is a song that is there to fill up the record to get it out to the market.  There is nothing wrong doing that because some of those filler songs might become hits or just underground hit with hardcore fans.  There are three songs that I do really love from this record and they are “Wall Of Sound,” Take Me Down Below,” and “Last Chance.”  I just feel this record is a let down from Sonic Boom. I really enjoyed listening to Sonic Boom. If you are a hardcore fan of Kiss, check this record out and add it to your collection.  If you are a general fan of Kiss or just a hard rock or metal fan, I would see if you can find a place to preview it before buying it.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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