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In this music blog, we are going to get into the latest record from Accept which is called Stalingrad.  Accept started back in the late 1960’s in Germany.  They started picking up speed in 1976 as a professional band.  Accept has went through several line up changes throughout the years.  They have also split up a few times in their career.  However, they have a wealth of music, Accept has put out thirteen studio albums including the one we will talk about here, which is Stalingrad.  They have three live records and four greatest hits records.  They also put out two EP’s.  This band is best known for helping the speed metal era.  The song that everyone knows from Accept is “Balls To The Wall.”  The band reunion in 2009 with new lead singer, who is Mark Tornillo,  from T.T. Quick.  They put the “Blood Of The Nations” in 2010.  This band is climbing up the charts here in the states.  Let us get into the latest record, which is Stalingrad.

Hung, Drawn and Quartered

This opening song on this record has the nice classic Accept intro to Hung, Drawn and Quartered.  This is some great speed metal music.  Mark did not leave the last recording session from “Blood Of The Nations.”  Mark has written some awesome lyrics.  The guitar, drums, and bass work is hell of a job on this song.   The production is nicely done from the producer.  There is a nice guitar break and solo with a good ending.  This is a great opening track.


The second song has a strong driving intro to start of it.  It also has a nice guitar and drum work.  There is also a great guitar solo break in it.  This song has powerful lyrics and singing from Mark.  There is also nice well placed back up vocals.  Mark has written some great lyrics.  Nice touch on the snare drums and great guitar work towards the end of this song.  Stalingrad has a strong ending.


I love the effect on the bass and nice touch on the drums and guitar working around the bass.  There is a great break and then well written guitar riff.  Mark has strong singing and great lyrics, which I love.  This is a pretty nice driving song which is classic Accept.  This is a great song all the way around.  Accept is stronger than they have ever been.  Wolf has an awesome guitar solo along with nice trade-off with the other guitarist.  Hellfire has a nice strong finish.  This is my favorite song on the record so far.

Flash To Bang Time

This song has heavy guitar and driving drums with well placed vocals from the lead singer.  Mark is singing great with some well written lyrics.  I love the guitar work on Flash To Bang Time.  I wish you can hear the bass a little bit more throughout this record.  I love the guitar solo and the ending of the song.

Shadow Soldiers

The beginning of Shadow Soldiers has a nice effect on one of the guitars along with nice acoustic guitar.  It then snaps into a nice heavy guitar riff with a short guitar solo over the top of it.  I love the pace of this song.  Mark is singing great with a well placed melody.  I love the theme of this song and nice touch on the back vocals.  I believe this song is too long but still good.  This song has a nice fitting ending.


I love the drum work at the beginning of the song.  Great touch on the fade in with the guitars and well written lyrics and singing from Mark.  Revolution is a simple music and it hits the point of the song with perfect back up vocals in the song.  The guitar work on this records is something else and I love the nice dueling guitar solo in this song.  The ending is a complex ending to Revolution.

Against The World

Great beginning for the music.  I love the lyrics on Against The World.  Mark has always wrote some great lyrics.  This is a nice driving song like most on this record.  Nice guitar solo and I love the build up to the solo.  Against The World has a great finish to the song.

Twist Of Fate

I love the guitar work in the beginning of the song.  Mark is singing great in this song with some powerful lyrics.  The guitarist wrote a nice main guitar riff.  Twist of Fate has a nice slow to medium pace to the song, which gives the listener a different mood than the rest of the record.  I love it and it is perfect.  I love the build up to the end of the song and the guitar solo at the end.  This is in your face ending.  Nice touch on the fading out of the song.

The Quick And The Dead

I love the guitar work and drums at the beginning of the song.  It has a nice pace to it.  Mark is singing strong with some great lyrics.  He has written a nice melody.  The chorus is a little weak but the main part of the song is pretty strong.  This is still pretty strong song.  I am loving the dueling back and forth between the guitar players and bass player.  I am hearing more bass in this song than the rest of the record which is great.  The Quick And The Dead has a strong finish to it.

The Galley

There is an awesome spooky guitar riff with the drums.  I love the main guitar riff.  It is well written and perfect for the theme of the song.  The Galley has a nice touch to bring the bass forward than pushing it to the back of the music.  Mark is singing great and wrote some great lyrics.  This song is too long and could be shorter.  I love the acoustic and the slowing down of the song towards the end it.  This song has a great finish and perfect way to end the record.

Current Line Up of Accept:

  • Mark Tornillo – Lead vocals
  • Wolf Hoffmann – Guitar
  • Herman Frank – Guitar
  • Peter Baltes – Bass guitar
  • Stefan Schwarzmann – Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @accepttheband

In closing, I really enjoyed this record.  Accept has a great record and I believe they are getting stronger with age.  Stalingrad brings back the good old days of speed metal in the 1980’s.  Stalingrad is a classic Accept record.  Any of these songs could have been on Breaker, Balls To The Walls, or Metal Heart.  I really enjoyed the following songs Hellfire, Twist Of Fate, and Shadow Soldiers.  If you were a fan of Accept back in the day, you will not be disappointed with this new line up and the music they are putting out now.  You as a listener will be stun by Mark’s singing and lyric writing with the legendary guitar player.  Congrats to Accept to have the balls to put out new music and writing great new music.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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