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In this sport blog, we are going to talk more baseball with the first pitch of World Series moments away.  Everyone has their picks on who they believe will win. It is taking until one hour to make my final on the SF Gaints against Detroit Tigers. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I did toss a thought out there when the MLB Playoffs started. It was Gaints against Tigers and I picked Giants to win it.

Match Ups

We will be watching two MVP and Cy Young winners.  Of course,  the Triple Crown winner, which it could have been two Triple Crown winners, if Milky did not tested positive. We are going to see great pitching and a ton of clutch hitting. You cannot count out either team. Let us break down by teams.

Detroit Tigers

This is the team that was picked to run away and hide from the rest of the AL Central teams. They came out very slow and fought to the end of the season to take down the Chicago White Soxs, who had a very impressive season. There starting pitching was hurt most of the year and bullpen is always on vacation. However, we have seem in the pasted it does not matter what you do during the regular season, it is what you do in the playoffs. This team is build for playoffs.

SF Giants

This is a team that came out strong and never really looked back. They loss their closer to season ending injury. Loss their left fielder to drug use, which he was leading in the batting title. They had a few kids come up and did awesome. Some of there older players playing a career performance. This team has been fighting all season with no believers asides the ones in SF area.

In closing, I will say I am a huge Cubs fan, which many of you know. Yes, I am from Michigan. With all that said, I am looking forward to epic World Series. I believe this will be one for the ages. I love journey both of these teams have took to get there. I am liking Giants to win the World Series. This is why. I love their clutch hitting, defense, and pitching. Tigers have too many question marks. Their bullpen is extremely shaking. I do not trust that dancing idiot. Defense has been great but it will show its ugly face soon. I am worried about Fister and Sanchez resting which is not a good thing for the type of pitchers they are. With that, Tigers want to win a World Series for their owner and manager, who might retired at the of this series. I would not be shocked if it happens.

I did say epic. Giants in seven games with a few extra innings. Detroit fans can thank Justin for showing off at allstar game to give Giants home field.


Bill Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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